Post pictures of the bag you are wearing today!

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  1. no cheating please. No changing purses! must be the bag you are wearing today at work.
    here is mine!
  2. oops, I'm 'cheating' on Chanel today......:shame:
  3. :wtf: :wtf: ...:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: I love your bag Rose..It's gorgeous!
  4. Thank you! Yours is uber fabulous too:love: .
  5. I'm not at work today - well I kind of am, I'm a SAHM, I don't really get a day off! LOL!

    I've been carrying my Luxe Flap all week.:heart:
  6. What?!!! you look great. You are pretty!:nuts: I love your bag :jammin:
  7. thank you! This pic was a few months back when I first bought the bag. . . gym clothes and Chanel Luxe Ligne! LOL!
  8. yeah, same happens to me, especially on the weekends . My husband makes fun of me by saying: "I can't believe that your purse it worth more than all the clothing and accesories you have on!"
  9. :yes: the beauty of Chanel is that it makes everything you wear look better!

  10. You look beautiful with your Luxe Flap! I agree with you 100%! Being a SAHM is the hardest job (and the most rewarding:heart: ) I have ever had! Harder than graduate school, harder than working 2 jobs, harder than working long hours and commuting, etc! We are on-call/working 24/7 without a day off! I really give you credit with three children!

    I always feel so much better carrying my Chanel makes any outfit look so much better! I don't dress up the way I used to when I was at work, so it really brightens my day!
  11. amanda, i still cant believe how gorgeous you are!
  12. my new Chanel!
    IMG_2502 (Medium).jpg IMG_2504 (Medium).jpg
  13. Dam#$! look good! I love your outfit. You look very elegant and sophisticated. Perfect outfit for your beautiful bag! Congrats!:smile:
  14. thank you for your sweet compliment, high maintenance!! :shame::shame:
  15. Thank you for the sweet words!:heart:

    Miss Alice, you look fab!!:choochoo: