Post Pictures of Sapphire Jewelry Here

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  1. Gorgeous crosses. The middle one with blue sapphires is spectacular. I really love your ring too.
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  2. Here are my sapphire rings going left to right, top to bottom.
    Art Deco platinum untreated sapphire ring, platinum yellow sapphire, untreated sapphire platinum ring, antique 14kt gold sapphire ring, antique 14kt gold black star sapphire, Art Deco platinum sapphire ring, Art Deco platinum sapphire eternity band

    IMG_1524174476.835407.jpg IMG_1524174554.312537.jpg

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  3. And my sapphire necklaces (I don’t really wear bracelets)
    14kt gold yellow sapphire bead necklace, purple sapphire 14kt WG, and blue sapphire 14kt WG.

    IMG_1524175125.753501.jpg IMG_1524175179.039803.jpg IMG_1524175218.741084.jpg

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  4. Wow you have a lot! I also love sapphires even more than diamonds.
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  5. A lot was inherited and some were just great ebay/estate sale finds. I love them too.

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  6. 6ct unheated with .75 cushion diamonds on each side. Anniversary gift!

    27A7B15C-6CF4-4069-A512-66DEAEBA6F6A.jpeg AA7D30A0-52D2-481F-84D1-4F942C5B70E8.jpeg
  7. I love that!
  8. love the blue color!