Post Pictures of Sapphire Jewelry Here

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  1. Stunning!
  2. Very nice. Love the filigree work & the tilted set princess diamond.
  3. I realize there is not much posting here! We need more sapphire love! My new Kentucky blue pendant. I have the matching earrings, but the pic was not on the website any longer. I prefer the web pics, as my devises do not get the colors right! Screenshot_20170609-162210_1.jpg
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  4. I know you posted this some time ago but I must say this is frop dead gorgeous!! You are a lucky woman to be able to wear this beauty daily!!!
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  5. I think I have not posted this yet. Here is another sapphire in my jewelry collection. Another favorite of mine. Set in yellow gold prongs with white gold band.

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  6. I love matching sets. Here is a sapphire pendant and earring set, and I also have a matching ring :smile:

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  7. 20150609_184523.jpg 20150824_150151.jpg 20151014_213835.jpg 20150515_133950.jpg 20150922_190005.jpg

    I'm a padparadscha fan and I have 3. One ring (the last photo) I need to have reset as I detest the setting it came in.
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  8. My wedding set. A few years ago I needed to change my original e-ring setting (long story!) plus my mom gave me a diamond of hers...they were slightly different sizes and different colors so when I had them made into one ring I decided to put a sapphire in between to offset any notice of the different stones. I love it!

  9. Here's my sapphire and diamond halo - not a great picture, but the best my phone could do lol. My son's birthstone is sapphire, so now I'm obsessed with the gem and searching for more pieces!

    It's a natural, blue sapphire, .65 carats.

  10. here is my only sapphire ring. i got it because of the baguette diamonds which is what my wedding ring has a lot of ...

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  11. Here are my first sapphires piece. My husband brought me the bracelet for our anniversary in April. He knows blue is my favorite color. Then he brought me the ring for my birthday which is also in April. He has started something. I never knew I liked sapphires. IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0053.JPG
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  12. My only piece of sapphire jewelry, with soc mabe pearls.

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  13. I got a pair of pink Sapphire earrings to go with the Pink Sapphire cross DH gave me. I also have the same cross in blue Sapphires & was able to find blue Sapphire earring to match from the same jeweler. The smaller cross in the third picture was given to me by my mother.
    20170718_124532.jpg 20170718_135935.jpg 20170718_142250.jpg
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    And while going through my jewelry boxes, I found this ring I've had for years. I haven't worn it for almost 20 yrs & now it no longer fits. I guess I need to get it resized along with a few others that no longer fit. I always liked how the sapphire was bezel set & sits low on the finger.
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