Post Pictures of Sapphire Jewelry Here

  1. Recently I've become curious about sapphires so I started reading a bit and looking at differnet stones. I tried on this ring over the weekend... it was so beautiful! The photo doesn't do justice to the rich blue, violet colour of the stone. I also tried on a cushion cut center with diamond half moon sides, unfortunately the web site doesn't have a photo. Anyhow, I left drooling and dreaming of sapphires!

    I'm curious to see the sapphire jewelry that you have or want to have. Please post pics here! Thanks!
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    No wonder you're dreaming of sapphires! That ring is really pretty. I have a few pieces of sapphire jewelry in both pink and blue. I wish I knew how to post pictures so I could show you.
  3. This is all I have pics of at the moment. 2 more rings, a bracelet, and a pendant to come later if I can. Thats a beautiful ring your looking at!
  4. Have you been to

    It's a very fun place to look at sapphires. I've never ordered from them, but I do like to look!
  5. I'm too lazy to take pics right now, but I have a few sapphire pieces (it's my birthstone). I have a gold ring with a little blue sapphire in the middle and white diamonds on the sides, a gold heart necklace with sapphires and diamonds, and little sapphire stud earrings. None of it is my style, so I never really wear it :shrugs:...

    Claudette- that ring is soooooooooooooo pretty!!!! :nuts:
  6. Here's a couple of shots of my sapphire ring.
    3stoneonhand.jpg 3stone1.jpg
  7. Here is a bad shot of my heart sapphire ring taken in my kitchen!

  8. DiaDiva & TheImportersWife, Your sapphires are TDF! Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Here's mine.
    I took a photo of it just the other night actually (excuse the pj's).


  10. Its totally beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! More pics plzz!!!!!!:girlsigh:
  11. i love sapphires! they come in so many colors and they're hard enough to withstand daily abuse. i really love them with diamonds....the sparkle offsets the deepness of the color.

    attached is my wedding set and a few pictures from my jewelry porn folder. :drool:
    CIMG2112.JPG p.jpg c.jpg
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  12. What a fun web-site! Thanks for the link. :smile:

    To all of the ladies that posted photos so far - - gorgeous!
  13. Here's mine from my husband. It's from 1920-ish. It has an oval sapphire and is surrounded by old mine cut diamonds set in platinum. The band and the rest of the setting are 18kt yellow gold.

  14. Amazing!!!!!:nuts:
  15. Wow, that is really pretty! Do you know any details about the center stone?