Post Pictures of Sapphire Jewelry Here


Jan 28, 2007
Recently I've become curious about sapphires so I started reading a bit and looking at differnet stones. I tried on this ring over the weekend... it was so beautiful! The photo doesn't do justice to the rich blue, violet colour of the stone. I also tried on a cushion cut center with diamond half moon sides, unfortunately the web site doesn't have a photo. Anyhow, I left drooling and dreaming of sapphires!

I'm curious to see the sapphire jewelry that you have or want to have. Please post pics here! Thanks!
No wonder you're dreaming of sapphires! That ring is really pretty. I have a few pieces of sapphire jewelry in both pink and blue. I wish I knew how to post pictures so I could show you.
I'm too lazy to take pics right now, but I have a few sapphire pieces (it's my birthstone). I have a gold ring with a little blue sapphire in the middle and white diamonds on the sides, a gold heart necklace with sapphires and diamonds, and little sapphire stud earrings. None of it is my style, so I never really wear it :shrugs:...

Claudette- that ring is soooooooooooooo pretty!!!! :nuts:
Here is a bad shot of my heart sapphire ring taken in my kitchen!

i love sapphires! they come in so many colors and they're hard enough to withstand daily abuse. i really love them with diamonds....the sparkle offsets the deepness of the color.

attached is my wedding set and a few pictures from my jewelry porn folder. :drool:


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