Post pictures of CROC HERMES here

  1. Ok, isn't this the most coveted Hermes bag?! Ok, here I go: this was taken during Fashion Week in NYC....
    hermes croc.jpg
  2. bostonchick, i think that's the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag (named after his wife). that's a gorgeous bag, too. but not H.

    it's beautiful especially on red croc with yellow gold hardware. fabulous!:heart:
  3. ^ I DO like her outfit, though......

    We need CDL to post croc pics........
  4. No, BC...THIS is the most coveted Hermes bag......
  5. GF, can you tell us more about that picture? :confused1:
  6. :yes:

  7. are you sure you're up to it????:lol:
  8. pls. PM me. we might get into trouble *wink*
  9. K..I have a feeling one day Hermes will rename that bag to Grand Fonds or Kristie just for you. Just like Kelly ;).
  10. LOL - pazt, it's the infamous Himalaya!!

    I can give you the dimensions if you're interested....apparently it is only available Special Order, and even then you would have a hard time (so I was told yesterday by my very puzzled SA!!! LMAO!!).....

  11. What an honour THAT would be...!!:lol: :upsidedown:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: GF, you're too funny. see? what will we do without you??
  13. LOL!! GF, it's great to have you back in full-humor mode! :flowers:
  14. love the avatar, GF!
  15. i still like the ricky bag, especially lilo's zebra one, GF youre so hilarious glad to have you back!