Post pictures of Chanel costume jewelry

  1. I thought this would be a good idea? A kind of compilation of what people here have bought/found or what they would like to buy or find?
    I don't have any myself, but I do love to look (especially when it comes to the more elaborate necklaces and pendants)...
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  3. I don't have anything to contribute but I have a question on Chanel jewelry. What's the price range for costume jewelry and pearl necklaces? I'm going to Vegas next month and I plan on buying some Chanel costume jewelry. I'm especially interested in the pearls.
  4. Here's a picture of my logo rhinestone earrings:
    For all the inquiries, the price was $210, however, there is a smaller pair for $180.
  5. Thanks for posting, doublec31. So pretty!

    Archipelago, I think it really depends on what you are thinking of buying. Earrings like this aren't really expensive, but most of the pearl necklaces would be quite high.
  6. I know some of they're pearls, just the plain strings of white pearls, are around $795.
  7. Archipelago, personally I'm not for Chanel costume pearls, it's pretty but I think it's better if you go for the 'proper' high quality deal because there's an excessive markup for the logo! As for normal strands, probably also a markup for just being in the shop and there is much better quality outside for the same price!

    My only costume jewellery is a satin/chiffon flower that came with my black/white suit which is nothing to talk about. What's stupid about it though, especially when I got an exact duplicate made in Chinatown for ~$40, is that they ask for ~$400 for another! :wtf:

    Heehee, this is MUCH more interesting because there are so many lovely Chanel jewellery that I want! They keep on sending me these huge books to drool at but alas they don't know that I'm a cheap hag who can't afford any! :lol:

    Recently I got lucky because after serious 'negotiotiations,':greengrin: my fiancé's and my parents agree to fund my wedding set: now my plan is to cut off my arm :lol: so I don't spend anymore money on anything more than $100 to save to what I have now. I hope to turn this from a vapour dream and get my dirty mits on either of these Elements Celestes in Jan 2008, LOL!



    The top picture is the same necklace at ~$550k, maybe for my next life, LOL! but :heart: the way you can twist it to make it into different patterns. But I like bottom one better and as well as being much more realistic cos it's cheaper! :P I also dream of getting the earrings as well though I don't want it in black diamonds which will probably make it much cheaper than ~$75,000 (for now, I'm considering a jeweller in Notting Hill who has got this planet design as well for ~$1,600, LOL!).
  8. yay for chanel jewelry. I love their querky pieces and clip earrings since I don't plan on ever getting my ears pierced. Here are my babies.
  9. Thanks for posting, mmcgurgan!
  10. doublec31...nice studs.

    Bee...Bee GORGEOUS!!!

    mmcgurgan nice things!
  11. Wow these items are gorgeous:nuts: ! I'd love to buy some of their jewelry but the London store is too far away. If only they had an online store *sigh* maybe someday?
  12. joey! i know exactly what you mean!!! its a pain in the ass there not being a store up north isnt it and the fact theres no online store is even worse :sad: at least with LV and GUCCI etc.. we can order online but chanel, oh no!! but im going to london in sept so im going chanel jewellery shopping :biggrin:
  13. Here is a picture of my earrings...they are similar to doublec31's, except the rhinestones on mine are larger I think. If I remember correctly, they were also in the 200 dollar price range. :yes:
  14. I agree Hannah! How annoying is it not having a chanel nearer us! I'm the same as you when I get to Madrid (We have both heard all about each others Hols lol!) I'm totally going chanel jewellery shopping! Have you had any luck with you chanel plain CC logo earings yet? Or are you waiting till you get to london?
  15. no problem!;)