*** Post pics your latest CL purchases here! ***

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  1. Dessye, I feel very lucky to have gotten a second chance at these babies! They truly are stunning!

    CT, it was only a matter of time, right? ;)

    Yazzie, I am LOVING those MBP!!!
  2. Very chic!:tender: Congrats!!!
  3. I'm in love too!!! Congrats!:biggrin:
    We are shoe twins, I have in black patent with red tip!:hugs:
  4. My first and definitely not my last CL purchase..

    Welcoming 140 Thick Plato Mary Jane Pump :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful purchases everyone!

    J, :winkiss:
  6. :hugs:
  7. CRISPEDROSA - Those are so fierce! I love them! :heart:

    LeBleu Saphir - Welcome to TPF and I love your new purchases!

    jenaywins - yay, we're shoe twins! people have been saying they are uncomfortable but I feel differently too! They're so lovely! Congrats!

    FlipDiver - I love all the new additions!

    yazziestarr - They're so pretty! Congrats!

    amorris - Congrats on your first pair of CLs, and yes, they will not be your last for sure! I love the nude colour!
  8. gorgeous new additions!!!!
  9. jenay-those are truly amazing!!! I love the height!! Can we see modelling pics?:smile: Great purchase!!!
  10. amoris-so pretty :smile:
  11. Modeling pics coming soon. :graucho:

    Love your new avatar hon!
  12. Amorris, they are so pretty!
  13. Yay! Can't wait to see!

  14. Oh finally!!!! YAY! I'm so glad they are finally here! No problem, Yazzie, I was more than happy to help! :hugs:

    I DIE YAZZIE! they look so great on you!!!! :love:
  15. i woke up to these on my doorstep this morning. i'm so happy.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.