*** Post pics your latest CL purchases here! V2 ***

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  1. Thank you very much:biggrin:
  2. No they had been up for sometime I haven't seen them in stores here in Canada bought them off on *bay
  3. Omg!! How's that possible! Even if you know someone in the store, even with their discount it couldn't be that cheap. I wanna know your connections or your ways of doing this;) smart girl. Beautiful choice:smile:
  4. Oh I see. I haven't seen them in Canada either:smile: tnx for letting me know
  5. Thank you so much! I'm going to stick it out :smile:
  6. Those are beautiful
  7. Thank you so much ladies! It is like Christmas has come a little bit early. Although I nearly cried on the spot yday when bf refused to buy me a pair of shoes in the private sale :sad:
  8. OMGGGG Congratulations!!!! Where did you find these?!?!?!?!
  9. That's just not right!!
    Ps. They're amazing...do you totally LOVE then now???
  10. Thank you!

    Yes I do love them now! I'm still dying for grey but I hate evil bay. Plus there's always more shoes I want too! Bring on post Xmas sales I say!
  11. Who is up for reveal? I'm so happy about this

  12. Me! Me! Me!!!! :smile:
  13. image-2054315462.jpg

    Any guesses?
  14. Nude Pigalle?
  15. Baby pink flo!!! Soooo pretty. Looks nice with my Chanel WOC






    Excuse my swollen feet bi just shopped in 120s. Swollen lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.