Post pics WITH & W/O makeup!

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  1. So i've been inspired by the "Celeb's Without Makeup" thread in the Celebrity sections. A few people mentioned posting pics of yourself without makeup because i guess some people were being critical? and i thought it was a neat idea.. Natural+made up!

    I'm very into makeup and not afraid to admit it (how could i not?) but i also like how i look without makeup..

    Be brave and share your own pics!! I think this could be a really fun and interesting thread :smile:





    Also- What's one piece of makeup you couldn't live without? For me it's definitely eyeliner, i feel totally naked without it!
  2. ooo im the one who posted my pics in that section haha :p

    These are from seconds after washing my face, i think i look scary haha(sorry in advance)


    in your second pic you kind of look like victoria beckham....
  3. ^^ heh, i love your expression in that last one on the unmakeup-ed side! I make that face lots :p

    And thanks, you're the first person to tell me that!
  4. What a fun thread this will be! I am hesistant to post pics of myself on the internet, I never have, so I won't be doing that:lol:.
    You two both look gorgeous with and without makeup!! And Sammy, that second pic is GORGEOUS!!
    For me, the one piece of makeup I can't go without is foundation/concealer, I feel naked without it, and if I leave the house without it on, it bothers me all day.
  5. i'm too shy lol. you gals look good even w/o makeup!
  6. I would SO do it if I had a good digital camera. I should have one by late December though so if this thread is still around I'd be happy to share. If not, I'll dig it back up! I don't wear much makeup so there probably wouldn't be much difference with or without. Good idea though!
  7. I dont really wear to much make up. When I do I usually focus on my eyes and I use only lipgloss:shame:.
    b&s.jpg IMG_0399.jpg
  8. Crylater- you look really cute without makeup! This is going to sound weird, but i'm jealous of how dark your eyebrows naturally are. I have natural darkdarkdarrkkkbrown almost black hair but my eyebrows are a suppperr light brown, it sucks! You and your boyfriend(?) look so sweet together, too :O)
  9. Sammydoll- You look beautiful with and without makeup. Your eyeliner application is so flawless! Beautiful eyes :smile:
  10. crylater, you look so cute!!! you look even better without make up!!
  11. ^ I agree! :yes:

    All of you look amazing without makeup (and with, of course)! It will be a cold day in hell when I post pictures of myself without makeup on the internet for the world to see :nogood:

    I'm very plain without makeup (and by plain I mean YIKES). We're talking like America Ferrera as Ugly Betty vs. America Ferrera as herself at the Emmys. Seriously. That's how much of a difference makeup and contacts makes for me. Even my S.O. prefers makeup and we joke about it all the time, because guys are supposed to hate makeup, but a little foundation and eyeliner go a loooooong way with me!!! :lol:
  12. You have such gorgeous eyes, sammydoll!
  13. You all are beautiful without makeup!!!! Makeup, of course makes us all look different, but cristalena you are NOT at all scary without makeup!!!!

    I will take pics of myself without make-up on tomorrow! I might "do up" my makeup tomorrow just for this thread lol!
  14. Excuses excuses :rolleyes: LOL!
  15. i afraid mine will scared everybody here:nogood: