post pics of your tano on, pls?

  1. Hi there, I would love to see how these bags look on. They are sooo gorgeous but I just need to see how they look on. Thanks!
  2. I threw it in the garbage about two months after I bought it, sorry.
  3. Have you done a search? A few months ago there was a LOT of new Tanos on the board and I remember seeing a lot of pics. I have one, the Loveboat, that I still adore, but I don't have pics.
  4. What bag did u get?
  5. It was about 3 years ago and I don't know the name of it but it was a gold/silver tote and the leather flaked off and it looked horribly!
  6. tonij2000- Tano bags aren't inexpensive, that shouldn't happen. Did you try to contact Tano, or the retailer that you bought it from, about the problem? If the leather's finish was defective, and it sounds like it was (although I couldnt say for sure without seeing it in person) Tano would have sent you a replacement.
  7. Well I love Tano, haven't had the problem with flaking...sorry you did....I think it's a great bag for the price.....
    to the OP: if you go to, you can click on a style and right under the picture it will show a tab "more views". click and it will bring up a closeup on a mannequin which give a good idea of size and how it looks. Good luck!
  8. I have pics of my bag, but no pics of me wearing it. I am very happy with my bag, though, and have had no issues with quality. The color is vibrant and the leather is surprisingly soft (crunch leather). I am happy with my bag and intend to buy another this fall.
  9. i have done a search but there are only pictures of the bags itself but not actual pictures of it on a model.

    Also, I've been hearing that the leather rubs off. Is that so for all tano bags or is it just for the selective few?
  10. The boutique I bought it from was disinterested since 2 months passed and no, I didn't email or write "Tano." It is good to know however that they stand behind their products, maybe I'll try another bag in the future.
  11. For the past few years, Tano has made a few different versions of their "crackled" leather, which basically looks like a layer of teeny tiny paint chips on top of a suede surface. The paint "chips" do "shed" / rub off a bit with wear by design, creating an increasingly "distressed" look. Tano's more traditional leathers, like their ever-popular "crunch" leather, are smooth, top grain such, they cannot and do not "rub off".

    Of course any leather can get scraped/gouged/scratched/stained/worn corners/ etc, thats all normal wear and tear. Sometimes people here on the forum say that the leather on their bags (I'm talking ANY brand here, not Tano specifically) is "peeling/flaking" and what they really mean is that the finish of the leather got gouged or scraped, or that the leather isn't pieced properly at a joint, etc. (See this current thread for an example.)

    Also, if you read the threads on this forum often, you will find complaints here about every single brand of handbags. This forum is fun for general discussion and obsessing over bags, but when you come down to making your decision about a purchase, I suggest that you go see the bags in real life and be your own judge, and not let the TPF postings affect you too much. ;)
  12. I have a couple of Tanos, but don't have pictures of me carrying them. Sorry.

    I love my Tanos, especially my Minilisa in Crunch leather. My only complaint is that the tano label (which says Tano on one side and genuine leather on the other) somehow got detached from the bag while I was carrying it, and I lost it! It's not really that big of a problem, but I really should have removed it before it got detached.

    The crunch leather truly truly looks better the more you use it. It's a great bag.

    tano expert, when are the new purple bags coming out? I've been waiting for them?
  13. Melvel, those little hanging leather tags that say "Tano/genuine leather" are just looped around the strap- they are meant to be removed, but Ive noticed that lots of people leave theirs on. I may be able to send you a new one, though, if you like it. What color do you need?

    For Fall, there is a beaujolais (wine) color and a sangria color, which is like a burgundy. The purple color was called amarynth but it was dropped from the line due to lack of interest. They might be cutting a very small amount for the few retailers who did order it, but they arent even showing it in their Fall collection anymore. Sorry!!!:sad:
  14. My Minilisa is in the Brusciato Brown color. I'll send you a PM. :smile:

    I'm sorry to hear that! I was so waiting for the purple bag, since I don't have any purple bags in my collection yet. I will check out the other colors though. BTW, will be in NYC on the first week of September, any good Tano retailers which I can visit there?
  15. I saw a few Tano bags in a small boutique in Ft. Myers, and I am sure they all were the crackled leather....which I really didn't like at all. I was hoping that the crackled leather wasn't really the crunch leather, and now, after reading these posts, I do see that there are two types....whew! I am sure the crunch leather would suit me a lot better. Of course, the SA's at this small boutique couldn't answer any specific questions for me at all, and they couldn't tell Tano from LV. The colors of the bags are really striking, though!