Post Pics Of Your Striping Styles Here!

  1. Please post pics,and where name..etc..No chit chat please!
  2. Chili Hudson from MJ boutique in LA. Full leather lined. Yum! :yes:
    hudson.jpg hudson2.jpg hudsonbot.jpg lining.jpg mjemboss.jpg
  3. MJ Zip Bowler in black; leather-lined; with hatbox; from the MJ Boutique in LA; $1095.
    IMG_1063.jpg IMG_1065.jpg IMG_1064.jpg
  4. Style: Trish
    Season: Fall'06
    Color: Dark Brown
    Purchased: MJ San Francisco, $1350
    Photo_110306_002.jpg Photo_110406_007.jpg
  5. Style: Hudson
    Season: Fall'06
    Color: Chestnut
    Purchased: Saks, $1275
    IMG_4042.JPG IMG_4043.JPG
  6. more pics of chili hudson, purchased from MJ boutique in LA.
    bag.jpg model-at side.jpg model-crook.jpg model-over shoulder.jpg
  7. (source: Marc Jacobs Look Book - Fall 2006 Collections)

    * STRIPING *

    12.5 x 8 x 6"
    Color: Black, Chili, Dark Brown, Chestnut

    14 x 10.5 x 4.5"
    Colors: Black, Chili, Dark Brown, Chestnut

    13.5 x 11 x 6"
    Color: Black, Chili, Dark Brown, Chestnut

    14 x 9 x 8"
    Color: Black, Chili, Dark Brown, Chestnut

    17 x 10 x 8"
    Color: Chestnut
  8. Trish, dark brown, canvas lined. Now priced at 945.
    MJ Trish.jpg MJ Trish2.jpg MJ Trish3.jpg
  9. :heart: Zip Bowler in Black, teal-green leather lining $1095 MJ-SF
    ZB.JPG ZB lining.JPG
  10. I haven't received mine yet, but I think the seller took pretty nice pictures. Hope these are helpful for future buyers.:smile:
    chestnut hudson with leather and canvas lining
    purchased from ebay at $840
    395431596206_0_ALB.jpg 137121596206_0_BG.jpg 176621596206_0_BG.jpg 269501596206_0_BG.jpg 393564837206_0_ALB.jpg
  11. Hudson 06 Dark Brown

  12. Black Hudson w/brown stripes
    Purchased at Marc Jacobs San Francisco


  13. Chilli Zip Bowler w/grey stripes, canvas lining (khaki color)
    Purchased at Bloomingdale's, ATL
    MJStripingZipBowler_b 003b.jpg MJStripingZipBowler_b 002b.jpg MJStripingZipBowler_b 001b.jpg
  14. Chestnut striping hudson, bought two days ago from Saks in Beverly Hills, $712. Gawd, that's a crazy discount
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  15. That is amazing and for that price :drool: