Post Pics Of Your Stams Here!

  1. PICS ONLY...NO CHATTING!!!...Put pics,style name,color and price!Thanks!
  2. tPFer Calisnoopy and her Spring 2006 Stams (Blush & Chalk; $1200USD)
    calisnoopy_blushstam.jpg blush.jpg calisnoopy_chalkstam.jpg chalk.jpg
  3. stammie.jpg
  4. MJ4.jpg MJ3.jpg MJ2.jpg
  5. Fall 2006, Cashew Hobo Stam with khaki canvas lining. Saks: $1200USD
    stam&moi.jpg stam.jpg
  6. tPFer Greenie's Fall 2005 Stam - Icy Leather (Taupe; $1200)
    DSC00040.JPG DSC00041.JPG DSC00042.JPG DSC00043.JPG DSC00045.JPG
  7. tPFer Greenie's Fall 2005 Taupe Stam & Resort 2005 Black Stam ($1200)
    DSC00047.JPG 2stams.JPG
  8. Here is my Putty Stam I bought in January of last year. I'm not sure if it's a fall 05 or Spring 06 bag. It has sky blue suede interior and the leather has gotten much softer. I promise I'll be taking another pic soon.
  9. My Stam in Putty (same one like elongreach :P). It's Resort'05 season with blue suede linings and sold for $1200.
    Stam- front3.jpg
  10. icy taupe
    nappa black
    chalk patent
    2stams.JPG chalk_stam.JPG DSC00043.JPG
  11. tPFer Daisy's Fall 2005 Little Stam - Nappa (Violet; $795USD)
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  12. here is my little black stam ( $979.83CAD, tax included and have discount)

    it's cute~~~:nuts:
    CIMG2829.JPG CIMG2830.JPG CIMG2831.JPG CIMG2818.jpg
  13. Come on...someone post more pics of Stam here, pls~
    (How come didn't it go over to the 2nd page:confused1:)
  14. Here is my baby stam in icy black.

  15. Here is my Black Stam MJ, $1,350 (with Olive color lining), got it on Friday at SFA:yahoo:
    mj1275black 001.jpg mj1275black 003.jpg