Post Pics of your Sale Finds!

  1. Since all the stores have started their shoes sales, let's start a post on all the sale Louboutins we have found.
    I will start with my Barneys purchases:
    Brown Python Very Prive with burgundy tip - I love this shoe, I paid full price for the violet so you can imagine how excited I am that I found it on sale.
    Yoze Pigalle 120mm - still unsure about this shoe since it is slightly damaged, but every shoe that I saw had this same problem. I just wonder if it is going to get worse. Anyone own these shoes and have any comments?
    Blue Lizard Simple pumps - also unsure, the color is not as exciting as I would like it to be.

    Post away!
  2. Congrats!! Great shoes!!
  3. wow, you scored some lovely shoes!! i don't live very close to stores that carry CL so most of the shoes I buy are online and the selection isn't as good...i'm so jealous of your great finds! congrats!!
  4. Those are great finds. There is a good reason to have all three of them and they were on sale! What's the damage on the Yoze Pigalle?
  5. Kamilla I love the Blue Lizards!

    I tried on 3 pairs of Yoze pigalles recently and the threading was loose/damaged. I didnt end up buying them because of it. I guess I was worried it would get worse..... is this what is going on with yours?
  6. Im in love with the VP!!!! What Barneys did u get them at??>>>!
  7. Congrats, Kamilla! Love them all!

    ...and of course, that classic pose. :lol:
  8. love the VP!
  9. oh my oh my kamilla, you really have the best luck! i love those pythons and lizards!! do they have any more in size 37?? :graucho:
  10. Thanks ladies!
    Lavender - the yoze pigalle is $595, it was originally $995 and now they are marked down 40%. I believe that Barneys still has a few pairs.

    Ledaatomica - that is exactly the problem that I have with these yoze pigalles. The threading is loose and on every pair that I saw the problem was in the same exact place - right by my big toe. I love the shoe so I am still undecided. I would just hate for this problem to get worse, but it seems like it is inevitable since every pair we've seen have this issue.
    Stinas - I got them at the Barneys in NY, that shoe was originally available in violet, brown, and teal blue. I believe that all 3 of these colors are now marked down. Oh, and I also think that the roccia python is also on sale now but they must be all gone by now.

    Thanks Butterfly! I had to include that photo of my legs in the air!

    Squeak, thank you, the VP is one of my favorite styles so I couldn't pass these up. I am glad that I returned the brown python pigalles since I will get much more use out of these VPs.

    LadyD - try calling Barneys to see if they still have them. I know that the yellow lizard simple pumps were on sale too and there were quite a few pairs of that available. I don't really like them because they are a pale yellow and wash me out.
  11. got these two for 25% off

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    thinking of returning the flannel simple pumps, what do you gals think?
  12. Kamilla, love the texture of the blue lizard pumps. Usually I like a more intense color in the blue, but I like that one as it is understated, but interesting.

    Laksalala, the flannel simple pumps in 70mm are very understated, but sometimes you need something simple, understated and not too high of a heel. If that is what you need I say these are a keeper. Here is my sale find from my prior post. My Metallicas from Saks on line
  13. LOVE the blue lizard simples. So elegant, but with a bit of a twist.
  14. Kamilla, as always great taste, and great finds, Love the VPs!
  15. I LOVE the blue simples. Want!