Post pics of your rainbow Cartier love bracelet

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  1. I'm trying to decide whether to purchase a second love bracelet - I really love the look of the rainbow love bracelet in both rg and wg
    Please can anyone who has these share photos of them
    They are also known as the semi precious stones bracelets

    Also if anyone has the pink sapphire stone cuff please can you share pics?
    TIA to anyone who is kind enough to share
  2. Ive googled pink sapphire cuff. There are a few pix on there. One of my favs.!
  3. I have both rainbow bracelets (rg and wg). They are both beautiful, you can’t go wrong with either one.:smile:
  4. I checked the Cartier site (Australia) and there are no rainbow, just the blue aquamarine one in wg! oh no... I really like the rainbow.
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  5. :sad: the wg one has gone from the uk site too
    Are they not making anymore ?
    :sad: they're so pretty but I was afraid this would happen

  6. For the most part. It depends on your lifestyle I guess. There were times when my bracelet was covered in chocolate icing and cookie batter. I just wash it with soap and water and it's as good as new. :smile:
  7. Thank you so much Nikki:smile:
  8. bumping this thread (hope that's okay!) to encourage rainbow love owners to post their pics here specifically so we can have an updated rainbow love library on TPF. Thank you! Also, if anyone could mention how well their rainbows hold up to daily wear? There are a few misc threads on this topic from a few years ago.
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  9. I would love to see pics also!
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  10. I´ve always loved the rainbow ring, if someone has it and would post some pics...:flowers:
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  11. For our 10th anniversary my hubby :love: gifted me a rose gold rainbow Love :love: I chose the pink gold version as I'm not a fan of rhodium plated white gold.

    I switch my bracelets often, with the exception of the rainbow which hasn't ever left my wrist (received it in October 2015). There are inevitable scratches on the gold but the gemstones remain in perfect condition! Have never needed to tighten the screws either.


    Thanks for letting me share! Would love to see more photos from other rainbow owners too :smile:
  12. this is seriously so stunning! Thank you for posting! I'm considering a rainbow bangle & it's good to hear that the gemstones hold up to daily wear!
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  13. What's the other bracelet with your Love?
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