Post Pics of your Pet that make you LOL!!!

  1. Delta (grey one) and Shadow (white one who passed on 1.13.13)

    Pic 1: The orange thing is her ball
    PIc 2: How delta sleeps
    Pic 3: Not a fan of flash
    Pic 4: they both would go in the crate... notice the dog was open and i had nothing to do with this...
    Pic 5: Wet kiss
    Pic 6: Delta always looked at him like this..
    P1030110am.jpg Hpim1415.jpg Hpim1432.jpg Hpim1536.jpg Hpim2343.jpg Hpim2326.jpg
  2. ^Ohhhhh We had a wofldog once! He taught us sooooo much about family and devotion. And incredibly intelligent. Wolves have the intelligence and emotional levels of seven year old humans. Just amazing. And I love your avatar, btw. Thanks for the pics and for jogging some very sweet memories.
  3. She is such an amazing animal is our first. and yes lots of lessons for the both of us! Shes such a goof too lol I wish i could get another one or two of them but they are hard... and i would be out numbered haha
  4. Yes indeed, since multiples will "pack". Just keep gently reminding her who is Alpha in the house, and let the good times and adventures begin!
  5. lol i def need some more land first then i would build a large outside pen for them... since they cant be off leash in the yard but then they can run and have some fun when not in the house...

    Shes the funniest though loves to jump in the shower with you... then gets upset shes wet... im like i didnt call you in here!
  6. Leo is the chow chow. He only plays with the Great Dane and the greyhound at daycare
  7. I thought the Dane in the background was looking a bit protective/attentive.
  8. ^Lol, I thought so too..
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365862569.684353.jpg

    Cooper is saying "please can I have some more?" He always does this if he wants more food or water! It's so funny!
  10. He looks like hes soaking his nails for a manicure!
  11. :lol: My boy does that in summer to cool the pads of his feet!
  12. Copper is one smart (and cute!) cookie.
  13. My friend's dog. Poor thing.
  14. Aw! So cute!
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365952132.870270.jpg Snoopy dog is snoopy. Leo always looks into this yard for some reason!