Post Pics of your Pet that make you LOL!!!

  1. Oh my.....what a spunk :heart:
  2. Omie always looks perfect, but in this photo, she was going crazy for some turkey!
  3. Here's one of Drogo, which always makes me laugh. Actually, he's always doing something that makes me laugh:
  4. Speaking of Drogo, he has no shame and I have no idea how he can sleep like this:
  5. ^Omie is gorgeous! Drogo is hilarious!
  6. He's a hoot, that pic made my day!
  7. My dog sleeps like that on hot days. I have no idea how, it looks so uncomfortable!
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    How about this. A Drogo on a radiator...
  9. and on a chair...
  10. ^That is one big Drogo!
  11. Cute!
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365596799.133656.jpg Leo not very into making friends at doggy daycare
  13. ^Which one is Leo?
  14. 2nd that!
  15. I am guessing Leo is the red Chow Chow on the right. I have 2 Chows and they aren't that amused by other dogs either. I took mine to a dog park and mine just stayed together, could care less about other dogs. Plus he has that look of distain on his beautiful fuzzy face! But I may be wrong...