Post pics of your new Edith bags here......

  1. Ok, I just got my new Red one today from NMLC and here is a photo of it with its sisters.....
  2. Congrats! Love your ediths!:wlae:
    I almost bought a classic whiskey edith. Although I already have the large one in whiskey. I saw it and thought it was too small. Guess I got use to my large one which is enormous but I love her all the same. Who knows. I may still get it. :yes::graucho:
  3. Your new Edith is really gorgeous, great colour :yahoo:
    After my first Edith bowling bought last month, I can not stop thinking about getting the satchel in wiskey . Am I becoming a bit mad :confused1:?
  4. No you're not mad! :nogood: I say get it in whiskey. Whiskey is the best IMO.
  5. Thanks everyone, and no you are not mad! The whiskey is the best colour and at the price of $510 right now you can't go wrong!
  6. Love your Edith family -- they are all beautiful, now you're making me want a Red..............what to do??
  7. ¿510$ :wtf:?
    Is a bargain!!!!! Where can I buy it at this price?
  8. Some Neiman Marcus Last call stores, thats where I got mine!

    Try Lakewood, Colorado, Miami and then also look on the shopping subforum for some other locations that might have some!

    There are very few left so you really gotta call around and hunt them down!
  9. sorry for the temptation, it gets is all in the end.....
  10. Many thanks :heart:
  11. Oh Mona.... Im so jealous!!!! Your bags are fabulous! Congrats on a beautiful edith collection. I wonder can I find a muscade & red edith?!?!
  12. PM'ed you!
  13. You gotta stick to your ban Ali.....I know I am from now on!
  14. Mona - looking at yours are tempting me and I had nerver considered an Edith before. Great looking bags!
  15. Thanks divnanata!

    So where are everyone else's bags...:confused1:I know a bunch of us just got the Edith, so come on show off your bags everyone!:tup: