Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  1. i am so sorry for the extreme delay!!! I got the bags on sale from net-a-porter!
  2. ♡mulberry family♡ I have a bit of a thing for the floral designs.

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  4. Yes, i agree. They need to make their straps longer! Apparently they will for an upcharge.
    I bought my first Mulberry, a new black goatskin medium lily from eBay ad love it! I'm currently sitting with a medium NVT oak lily and an clay lily, both medium, trying to decide which one to add to my collection. They are both on sale and both gorgeous!! After reading this forum I'm wondering if i should keep both!! You guys are a bad influence!:smile: What do you think?
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  5. I love th looks of the zipped bayswater. have you enjoyed it?
  7. Hi! What is that gorgeous black bayswater called with the super textured leather? It's so cool!
  8. My lovely Mulberry family. Love them both ❤️ 0F652DCE-FBCC-4AD4-AFFF-96C7C24F4EF9.jpeg
  9. Hi sorry, haven't been on the forum for a bit.
    I have enjoyed it, I don't use it daily but love it and hope to get another one in the near future
  10. My updated Mulberry collection :smile:

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  11. Beautiful. classic. bags!
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  12. Agree with Izzy, just stunning, Gringach, what an elegant family :flowers:
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  13. This a great collection! What do you do so your Alexa’s so they keep such a great shape? Mine are very slouchy and look like puddles of leather instead of a gorgeous bag like yours. Again, beautiful collection!
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  14. Gorgeous as ever @Gringach and lovely to see new additions. Which bag is the oxblood top left? And is that a medium Lily?

    I love the red! I’m never brave enough for that!
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  15. #8190 Mar 12, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2020
    Been a long time since I did this, many have come and gone, come and gone again!

    Newest edition Bright navy small Hampstead, leather smells lush!

    View attachment 4688634

    Longest serving now I think mini Taylor smooth matte

    View attachment 4688635

    Kite tote deep embossed croc

    View attachment 4688636

    Camden tote

    View attachment 4688639

    Regular lily

    View attachment 4688641


    View attachment 4688650

    Shrunken calf small bays

    View attachment 4688655

    Mini lexi

    View attachment 4688657

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