Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  2. Thank you.
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  3. Here are my darlings. Oversized Alexa in patent leather, Tessie tote, Bayswater in croc embossed leather and a pickle green Alexa in polished buffalo. DSC_0675.JPG
  4. My Mulberry collection for quite some time now.. Very classic and understated bags to me, will never get rid of those [​IMG]
  5. Indeed wonderful! It`s a shame they stopped producing the Alexa.
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  6. Thank you!!
    And yes, I can only agree about the Alexa.. Such an iconic bag!
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  7. Oh they did? What a shame indeed. I love love mine ❣️ it’s a great classic bag
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  8. I only have these two new to me preloved regular Alexa’s. I love them they are in excellent condition.
    Plaster pink and oak IMG_3200.JPG

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  9. ♡my mulberry family♡

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  10. My Mulberry collection - which has fairly grown in size through the years. I think this is it though, I dont see myself adding anymore bags any time soon (if anything I'm thinking about selling one or two), but overall I'm really happy with my Mulberry family at the moment :heart:
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  11. Beautiful family!
  12. Screenshot_20190426-082653~2.png Finally.. Not a complete family picture, but the oaks are out to be collonilized, will be taking Piccadilly, Bayswater and Ledbury on a weekend trip next weekend, so time to buff up..
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  13. april 2019 DSCN1605.JPG currently looks like this ( please excuse the interloper ! ) x
  14. Here is my little Mulberry family. I don’t have anymore Mulberry items on my wishlist since I really don’t like how Mulberry looks now, but I might add a metallic mushroom mini Lily in the future or another Bayswater tote.


    Bags in picture are (legt to right):
    Alexa (panel) in midnight
    Bayswater tote in Clay (new design with new lock)
    Lily in Oxblood
    Bayswater Buckle in black
    Cosmetic Pouch (don’t know the colour name)
    Lily in Rosewater (updated design but old lock)
  15. What wonderfully happy colours