Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  1. What a beautiful family :love:
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  2. Thank you.
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  3. Here are my darlings. Oversized Alexa in patent leather, Tessie tote, Bayswater in croc embossed leather and a pickle green Alexa in polished buffalo. DSC_0675.JPG
  4. My Mulberry collection for quite some time now.. Very classic and understated bags to me, will never get rid of those [​IMG]
  5. Indeed wonderful! It`s a shame they stopped producing the Alexa.
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  6. Thank you!!
    And yes, I can only agree about the Alexa.. Such an iconic bag!
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  7. Oh they did? What a shame indeed. I love love mine ❣️ it’s a great classic bag
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  8. I only have these two new to me preloved regular Alexa’s. I love them they are in excellent condition.
    Plaster pink and oak IMG_3200.JPG

  9. ♡my mulberry family♡