Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  1. I love this collection - particular the matching "mini-me's" :smile:

    It's also making me feel less guilty about having just bought a Prada bag that's almost identical in shape size and colour to a Mulberrys bags I already have! (the BF is still shaking his head..) I'm learning it's OKAY to have very similar bag and cherish them all!
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  2. 20180201_162124.jpg Hello! Thought I would finally decide to show my little Mulberry family now I have half a dozen!
    Bit of a mixed selection of ages and styles but all loved just the same....although tempted to part with a couple to fund a newer model perhaps??
    From left back and round :
    Black SSL Del Rey
    Black logo fabric small tote
    Regal Blue Soft Grain Tessie Tote
    Black smooth leather Pembridge
    Oak Darwin Jamie
    Graphite Grey SSL East / West Bayswater

    Thank you for looking - and thank you to all who post on here!
  3. These are gorgeous!
  4. So beautiful collection! :heart: how do you take care of Bayswater oak? Its condition looks so amazing, leather looks just fawless!
  5. The Bag on the left is my beloved grand old lady. My mother bought it for herself over 30 years ago. She gave it to me 10 years ago. This bag was in every day use before I was even born. I have used it at work and as a study bag. Last time I used it today. Still a beauty! CAD8ACDB-B75B-47BF-89B8-D80E9A127622.jpeg
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  6. Lovely mulberry classics. Your oak looks stunning.
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  7. Just fabulous! Love them.
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  8. Amazing family and I love the mixture of new styles with the classics. I also like how you wrap the handles. Very elegant.
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  9. Thank you!

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  10. Started my Mulberry Family this week. Found the Alexa pre-loved and I got the Lily on Sale for 625€ instead of 865€. I can see a small new Bayswater in a different colour in the future but I guess that's enough Mulberry for one week IMG_20180301_164643.jpg
  11. Nice start! Beware that Mulberry slippery slope

    Looks like you found a great Alexa - some have very wrinkled leather but this one looks lovely!
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  12. Thank you! Oh yes it is slippery! I just wanted an Alexa and now I stalk the Mulberry Website on a daily basis :smile:
  13. #8113 Mar 9, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
    This is my current family:
    Bayswater NVT oak
    Bayswater black
    Large Buckle Bayswater in poppy red
    Large Delrey black
    Regular Zipped Bayswater midnight
    Small Buckle Bayswater in oak

    077D5A7F-90FE-4E0B-A6EF-9F9D6516F660.jpeg 824F7F9C-D0E4-4B53-AE25-F6A5A85A9880.jpeg

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  14. Love your collection. Would love a true red classic Bayswater!
  15. Thanks CPrincessUK. The poppy red buckle Bayswater is a lovely red. I was even surprised when a male coworker of mines told me he loved it. He’s not someone who would notice these things.

    My collection with better lighting:

    3D049607-045F-4110-997D-82FE6245A7CD.png 481B6A91-F8DB-47D6-8553-837A2CB24F6F.png FD0906A4-00EC-466A-B1E1-AD1D7E8DB955.png FA4D72C8-9E8A-45B8-A844-E9BEB4C44F5B.png A4462EB5-873F-4838-A111-303A5CCC871F.png 58617C88-03D0-46B6-88BA-2FD33D897B0A.jpeg
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