Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  1. Put up all the ones you have doubts about for sale and see which sells, that’s what I do with bags I’m not using.
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  2. Ok, here goes - finally got my collection out! And as suspected it has reinforced the need to do a cull - wish me luck!

    First up, from left to right and back to front:
    Oak regular Alexa
    Grape regular Alexa
    Eggplant/ aubergine Bays
    Taupe small double zip tote
    Midnight croc imprint Roxette
    Burgundy quilted small Bays
    Midnight mini croc print SBS


    Next up:
    Eggplant/ aubergine Bays shoulder
    Black goat leather SDR
    Oxblood mini Cara
    Black Alexa clutch
    Oak NVT SDR


    And finally:
    Regular Lily x 3 in black soft grain, electric blue with gunmetal hardware, and pebbled beige glossy goat

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  3. What an incredible collection! If I had such lovely bags I’d want to keep them all. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Sound advice, mmm; I’ll photograph my “keepers” at some point!
  5. Fabulous collection, dear Skater! I’m a real sucker for textures, so the quilted Small Bays leapt out at me!
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  6. #8091 Jan 9, 2018
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    Good! You will be in big trouble with me if you get rid of Womble xx
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  7. Thank you! And I kind of do want to keep them all, but too many of them don’t get used (several similar sizes and I don’t want to be constantly carrying a different designer bag - call me crazy/ trying to hide or deny how big my collection has become / all of the above!) and it’s a real waste, so I am going to have to be disciplined...

    Wish me luck - this is not going to be easy, but 2018 is the year of the clear-out for me - bags, clothes, shoes... already breaking out in a cold sweat
  8. Thank you my lovely! I do love the quilted small Bays - my go-to work bag at the moment. The texture and colour are just gorgeous! x
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  9. Hello there, new to Mulberry. Here’s my small family picture:
    Alice in black (large)
    Bayswater in petal pink (I think?)
    Lily in Taupe with silver hardware (large)

    I hate that the store took the tags off and now I am hesitant about the exact name of my pink one.
  10. What a really gorgeous collection, Skater, you have impeccable taste. I am feeling inspired by your struggle, as others must be. It's time for me to divest/cull with an impending move on the near-ish horizon. Nothing quite like moving for making one rue one's Squirrel proclivities. I have HOW many.....:amazed::shocked: :facepalm:
    Perhaps as you look long and hard at your lovelies it would be best to think of the annoyance factor, if you know what I mean. Rank them, and it may become easier as you go along: which few, though lovely to look at, have not followed through in their performance quotient when out and about? I suspect we all have different thresholds of how much Faff /Discomfort/Impracticality we are prepared to put up with. For myself, I find mine rather lower these days. Still, I'm encountering that age old nemesis of the culling process, the What If? factor.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on:flowers:
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  11. That’s a lovely little collection, fab2fab; very pretty and practical! I agree with you; I wish they’d leave the tags on!
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  12. I like the “lovely to look at vs performance quotient” approach!! I think at least 3-4 will go. A couple more if I’m really tough. Plus a Balenciaga. And I may start using some that have been hibernating in their dust bags and almost been forgotten (shockingly)

    I think I need to finally join the Squirrel Support Club if I can find that thread from a white ago!!

    Good luck with your deliberations too - it’s not easy! x
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  13. Well done, you.
    Think we may need to resurrect that thread so wisely started by dear Ludmilla. Love the Squirrel Sisterhood:heart:
    Would be keen to see how others have fared on the Cache Management Program;) over the past few seasons. Some squirrels better than others in their slimming efforts. I for one had an impressively high reduction rate but fall down utterly at the other end, and been spied squeezing numerous tasty nuts into an already crowded nest via a hidden entrance :blush:
  14. I think we should resurrect that thread - will try to find it! I too have trouble resisting new additions once I’ve sent a few bags away from the nest!!
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  15. Here is my Mulberry family:

    Large zipped bays oxblood croc print
    Large zipped bays navy croc print
    Heritage bays ink silky snake
    Heritage bays black croc print
    Heritage bays choc croc print
    New bays with strap burgundy croc print
    Regular alexa flame silky snake
    Regular alexa zigzag black
    Daria drawstring tote black
    I want to keep them all! 20180121_102246.jpg