Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

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  1. Here is my family:
    Black NVT Bays
    Midnight polished buffalo Alexa
    Black NVT SBS
    Black glossy goat mini Lily
    Creamy pink Alexa
    Oak Ledbury
    Oak mini Lily
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  2. Some nice classics there!

    I will do a collection pic later this week, which I predict will make me realise how out of control it has become... clear-out imminent
  3. Might just be me but I can’t see a photo?
  4. Your pink SBS is my dream bag I hope I can find it somewhere! What is it called please? Which colour is it? And is the hardware rose gold? In love!
  5. Great and very neutral collection!!
    Love it!
  6. Oh I would love this your collection dear Skater!
    I should post a pic of mine as well sometimes.. ;)
  7. Thank you both
    I need to update my photo with my black croc print Lily that I have just purchased.
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  8. My Womble was my first (and cheapest!) Bayswater! I added another ten (oak, chocolate, graphite, putty, pistachio, scribbly floral, pumpkin, pheasant green heritage with straps, snowball and ochre suede cookie) but have moved on five of these so far ... I’m currently debating between these two ... IMG_1515006718.393354.jpg IMG_1515006748.882605.jpg
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  9. Nor me!
  10. This is my problem, dear Gringach; I love the style but still find them too heavy/unwieldy for everyday use ... I found it really hard to part with just four of them, but two still had their tags on, which spoke volumes! I find the Small Willow works perfectly for me, though.
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  11. We are Bays-appreciating-but-not-using triplets... They are too heavy and also refuse to stay on my shoulders... and yet I still love the classic Bays style!

    Having tried and sold on a few, I settled for owning one classic Bays in aubergine/ eggplant glossy goat (love the colour and it’s my favourite Mulberry leather) in the knowledge that I will rarely use it, but will appreciate it all the same...

    However I draw the line at ONE Bays that I will mainly store and appreciate without using much!
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  12. #8083 Jan 4, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
    Ah - goatskin! I still wish I’d bought the raspberry Bayswater in goatskin that was dismissed out of hand by DH when we called in at Bicester Village several years ago. It might have stopped me buying others that I’ve never carried!

    I still own a gorgeous ochre suede Cookie, chocolate NVT, oak NVT, scribbly floral patent, Womble sheepskin and pumpkin shiny grain.

    I really don’t like having oak, ochre suede and pumpkin - they seem too similar - but can’t decide which to shift next ... I’m not feeling the love for the new style Bayswaters and don’t want to make the wrong decision! View attachment 3924654 View attachment 3924656 View attachment 3924657
  13. Ah, I know exactly the one you mean... pink bags are not for me, but the raspberry glossy goat leather looked gorgeous! Loved the lightweight but tough leather that somehow still looked very natural compared to the newer leathers - Mulberry, please bring this back!

    I understand your dilemma as you have a few similar colours. Do you use any of them? If not, which are you happy to keep as a collector’s item... or would be hard to replace if you sold and then had seller’s remorse?

    Personally I love your Womble Bays... oak NVT is iconic but would be easier to replace... and would be tempted to sell the pumpkin shiny grain - may just be personal preference, but I was never sold on that leather finish (I’m sure it’s very robust though).

    Good luck deciding (and I need some of that luck myself as I really need to cull my collection!!)

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  14. I could never sell Womble - he’s my absolute favourite Mulberry, even though he’s rarely carried, and has sentimental value, too ...

    I know what you mean about Pumpkin; the leather/colour reminds me of a tiger baguette! The interior is gorgeous, though, and I don’t worry about that she’ll mark, as I do with the oak NVT. I think the latter is THE classic Mulberry, the one I always wanted, but sadly she’s also the one you see around most often. As for the ochre suede Cookie - she’s divine, but I haven’t carried her for a reason! (Ochre! Suede! Argh!) But she’s not a painting - I need to use her or lose her!!

    Hey ho ...
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