Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

  1. I have a serious addiction & I don't know how to stop. My updated family/ hall of "shame" :

    Top tier


    Last but not least
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  2. Fab collection !
  3. Fabulous collection! :smile:
  4. Great. Love them and always like to know that someone is worse than me.
  5. bet ur credit card is burning lol nice collection love them!!
  6. OMG!!! Beautiful. I love the purple lily. Enjoy! Hall of Joy I say
  7. love them all!!!

  8. Beautiful bags.

    I agree re finding a balance. I think there are 5 stages to mulberry addiction
    1 discovery
    2 acquisition
    3 stabilisation and contemplation
    4 outflow
    5 stabilisation aka one in/a one out policy.

    I'm currently on stage 3.

    I think you can skip stages/go backwards/repeat the cycle (from stage 2) though.