Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family!

  1. I have just fallen in love with your jayde. Do they still make it (can you get it at the outlets)? Im digging the shape and the satchel look.
  2. Thanks Kroquet and tiffanystar!:shame:I love her to bits!
    It's got an adjustable strap so you can wear on your shoulder but I just usually carry her in my hand.
    As far as I know they don't make it any more:sad: - I think I got one of the last lot before they stopped. It's a lovely thick leather and is unlined. I put conditioner on her once and sprayed her with a rainguard once, but now I don't bother with anything - I just buff her with a soft cloth every now and then. She just improves with age! (bit like myself!):p
  3. Tifanystar - yes, the Jayde is available at the outlets for £148. I bought one a few days ago from Shepton Mallet. Give them a call.
  4. That reminds me,I should do a 'family' shot,Jo I think your 'family' is just gorgeous!! Like looking into a box of yummy chocs!!!!

    And Poppies!! Where you been!!,Have'nt seen you about in a bit!! Nice to see you again,and mmm,that Jayde is lovely.............................ahem!! No more bags for me for a while so I'll just stop that train of thought RIGHT there!! Hahahaa!!!
  5. Cornflower - I've picked up the Jayde virtually every time I go to Shepton. The last time I was there they had it in olive green but as I already had Phoebe in that colour I didn't get it. What a brilliant price they are now!

    It looks great in your pics - when it's up against the more elaborate bags it looks a bit plain (guess why I kept putting it back!) but I really should have got one as it was definitely one of the most comfortable to carry. Brilliant shoulder strap length & a really nicely designed bag.
  6. Jo, I love your family pic :heart:

    Did you know they make gloves to match your Bayswater??

    I was browsing through the feedback items of the seller I recently bought my Poppy from and she sold these in December - RRP £125, they went for £60. So cute :heart:

    To keep on topic, I may as well use this thread to introduce my new friend who arrived this morning - purchased from the lovely lady who sold me my Poppy.

    He's a red calgary leather seahorse and I heart him :love: He's going onto my bronze Bayswater :yes:

    My new laptop is here so once that's set up, I can do some new family pics given that I've lost 3 but got a new addition ;)
  7. Gosh, that's an amazing price! I paid over 3 times that amount for mine! Ah well! I bought mine from Mulberry Online but then they seemed to stop carrying it.
    I spied that there was one in the Vintage Kenya Oak on eBay (not mine I hasten to add!!!), starting bid £199 and BIN £245.
    I like your seahorse ditab - he's really cute!
  8. Oh ditab those gloves are great!!!!:nuts:
  9. Wow, that's a GREAT price on the Jayde!!

    Loving the red seahorse dita :heart:

    And Jo, you should so invest in some gloves. Get on the blower girl, they'd look fab with your bayswater :tup:
  10. I know. I saw them and thought of you immediately :yes: I wouldn't be able to resist but then I love being matchy-matchy :shame:
  11. Where were the gloves?- do you reckon they'll be any in the outlets?
  12. I'll email the girl and ask her where she got them from - she got the Poppy from Shepton but the seahorse came from Brompton Road, she shops all over!
  13. What a great price on the Jayde!!
    Love those gloves - gorgeous!!!!!

  14. I asked her and she told me she got them from Shepton but they won't have any more gloves until the Autumn as they've put their winter stuff into storage now, to make way for the summer lines. I guess you can just keep checking eBay in the meantime - perhaps people will sell theirs once we're properly into spring/summer.
  15. Here's my Mulberry family! :heart::upsidedown:
    Mulberry collection, 7th March 2008.jpg