Post Pics Of Your Mj Totes Here!

  1. NO CHATTING PLEASE! Please post name..color..and price if possible!Thanks!(Totes...ex: Stellas,new totes,anything bigger than a bread box...KIDDING!!)
  2. Here are photos of my Stellas, retail is $995. The first is Ivory. Topstitching and lining are green. The second is Cantaloupe. Topstitching matches the bag and lining is turquoise.
    ivory.JPG Ivory Stella.JPG ivory lining.JPG Cantaloupe.JPG cantaloupe lining.JPG
  3. Here's my very first MJ, the N/S Tote in black, made of calfskin. Retails for $1175, got it for $705.

  4. Marc Jacobs Quilted Tote in Camel
    Retail $1175.00

  5. Hi all... this babe is my 1st ever mj bag! I :love: it!!!

    :wlae:Marc Jacobs East West Tote Bag:wlae:
    DSC01559.jpg DSC01560.jpg DSC01561.jpg
  6. Antique White LE Stella

  7. I hope this is the right place... My Irina (I believe) Large Tote in black quilted leather.
    Marc Jacobs Irina Tote.JPG
  8. [​IMG]




    Alana Tote
    Alana.JPG Alana2.JPG Alana3.JPG Alana5.JPG