Post Pics Of Your Mj Multipockets Here!

    Please post pics,style name,color,year purchased and price!Thanks a bunch!
  2. My favorite MPs:love:, Quilted Petrol and Amethyst:
    CIMG1125 copy.jpg
  3. Here are my two multipockets.

    Multipocket Sports Calf Petal MJ1136 $850.00

    Multipocket Black Nylon with feet.
  4. I only have the spearmint left, but I have not updated my pics. I have the small MP. Pictured are the spearmint and honey.
  5. Here are Rust and Ferrari. These are both large MP's. The topstitching on the Ferrari is red and the lining is pink suede. The topstitching on the Rust matches the bag and the lining is deep burgundy.
    red mp.JPG red mp lining.JPG rust mp.JPG rust.JPG
  6. Here is my Oat MP from 2006. It's a small with silver hardware.
  7. #c353003 Mp Soft Calf Leather Black
    Purchased Neiman Marcus Texas Over The Phone!! 2006
    MJ MP (2).jpg MJ MP 3 (2).jpg MJ MP 6.jpg
  8. ^Correction: the multipocket is from the Resort 2005 collection..(purchased in 2006) (Thanx bag.lover!!)
  9. e8_12.JPG DSC03221.jpg

    It's a Small MP, and I believe it is the Brick Red color (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Love it. :love:
  10. yes it's brick red :yes:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Maroon Small MP

  13. Spearmint small MP
  14. Black Large MP
  15. Hi, here's my Multipocket... greetings from Germany!:wlae:
    MJ Multipocket.jpg