Post Pics Of Your Mj Hobos Here!

  1. No chatting PLEASE! Post pics,style name,name of year purchased, color and price!Thanks a bunch!
  2. Small Hobo in Butter
    Spring '06
    Purchased back in June from Nordstrom in San Antonio
    Retails for $825
    Pic072.JPG Pic064.JPG
  3. MJ hobo in Ivory. Purchased from Marc Jacobs on Maiden Lane in SF April 2006. mjhobo.jpg
  4. Sienne Hobo in Icy Emerald. Lined in blue suede. Gorgeous!!!

  5. Black Quilted Hobo, my most favorite bag from MJ!!!

  6. Mia Polina, small size.

  7. [​IMG]


    MJ hobo stams from 06. Not sure if this is the right thread for this bag, mods please move if not right.
  8. Vintage Hobo (pre-2004) in Cucumber
    001.JPG 006.JPG