Post Pics Of Your Mj Bowlers Here!

    Please post pics of your bag,year made,style name,color,and price if possible!THANKS!
  2. tPFer AbbYY and her Large Quilted Bowler (Bronze; $1075)
  3. tPFer Kezza and her Large Quilted Ursula Bowler (Moss; $1075)
    bowler1024.jpg bowlershoulder1024.jpg
  4. tPFer Sammydoll and her Large Quilted Ursula Bowler (Black; $1075)

  5. Large Quilted Bowler in Black, Spring 2006, $1075 with 10% from Saks!!!
  6. Ursula Bowler in Bronze - purchased on sale from Neiman Marcus in December '06 (around the $600's)! :nuts:
    Marc Jacobs Ursula Bowler 002.resized.jpg
  7. Lobster quilted Ursula bowler. 550.00
    P2080076 (Small).JPG P8230018 (Small).JPG
  8. This is my baby. I used to have a red one too but I never carried it.
    Picture 118.jpg Picture 114.jpg
  9. :yahoo: large midnight patent ursula bowler :yahoo:
    Photo 427.jpg Photo 433.jpg
  10. .
  11. Here's mine again! =) Also with my puppy the camera hog!d
  12. Large Patent Blush Ursula Bowler, cream linen lining
    Originally $1075
    Released S/S 06

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