Post Pics Of Your Marc By Marc Jacobs Bags Here!

Hi! This is my very first MBMJ bag. :loveeyes: It's a Washed Up Leather Tote in Black.

I forgot the initial price but remembered that I bought it last year during the sales and got 30%off. (even with the sales, It was still expensive..must have paid around 350 euros) All U.S. brands are really pricey here. :nogood:

The bag is quite exceptional because of the gold and silver hardware and logo. But this doesn't bother me much. On the contrary, it made me fall in love even more with this bag.
This is the perfect size for me, not too small, not to big. (I'm only 5'2) It's quite roomy and versatile. I love the fact that there's a zip closure and an optional long strap for hands free carrying. Plus, if we need more space, the zips at both side of the bag can be opened.
Besides, the leather itself is textured, soft yet durable.



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Here is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, im just in love with this cherry color.
So fun to wear.
Bought in sale! I choose this bag instead of the Louis Vuitton pochette NM. The leather is divine! No regrets! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1451835435.815655.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1451835448.225184.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1451835461.843531.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1451835472.446644.jpg
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A Picture of my favorite purse.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha in black. This is the second purse of this model ive owned. My first one was stolen about 2 years ago. I finally found one to replace it on Zappos


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Aug. 15, 2010
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha (Rosie)
Php20k (USD434) from Greenbelt 5 MbMJ Boutique


Oops. Guess I should have quoted. Lol can I see a pic of the white tag sewn inside Please. I love love love this color!