Post Pics Of Your Marc By Marc Jacobs Bags Here!

  1. No chatting please...Simply post pic,style name,price and color..THANKS!
  2. IMG_5928.JPG IMG_5929.JPG
  3. IMG_6293.JPG IMG_6295.JPG
  4. IMG_6339.JPG IMG_6340.JPG
  5. Kuva%20215.jpg
  6. Kuva%20266.jpg Kuva%20276.jpg Kuva%20278.jpg Kuva%20294.jpg
  7. Secret Garden Denim Tote
    Spring Resort '06 - purchased Fall 2005
    $228 (or $238)
    mjdenim_1.jpg mjdenim_4.jpg
  8. Black Velvet Frame Clutch/Shoulder Bag
    Fall/Winter 05
    frame_outer.jpg frame_shoulders.jpg frame_clutched.jpg
  9. Lila Tote in White
    Spring Resort 2006 - purchase Winter '05
    tfs_lila.jpg lila_9.jpg lila_8.jpg
  10. Chalked Stripe Denim Satchel
    Spring/Summer '06 - purchased mar.'06
    $328? - please PM for correct price
    IMG_5135.jpg IMG_5138.jpg
  11. White Soft Leather Max Bag
    Spring/Summer 2006 - purchased Mar.06
    IMG_5132.jpg IMG_5131.jpg
  12. [​IMG]

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tina Tote $428 chocolate brown.
  13. My first Marc by MJ!!
    A totally turnlock bowler in Yam from - thanks heaps to Mello_Yellow_Jen for her piccies and sharing knowledge here on TPF!! *Hugs*
    IMG_0414.jpg IMG_0427.jpg
  14. Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock bowler in dark brown ($398)
    M by MJ.jpg
  15. Here is my Black Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bowler ($398).

    10-20-06 003.jpg
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