Post pics of your manicures!

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  1. I need inspiration, tired of the same old same old

    here's mine
  2. I've gotten pink tips instead of white and got the most compliments on those. I also like to do a silver or gold line separating the tip from the rest of the nail.
  3. What is your manicure called? I love it.....I want to do gel or acrylic nails as soon as I rip the rest of the wallpaper off my powder room next week. I can't decide what to do but your nails look perfect in every way.
  4. I always get manicures, every week on the dot but I don't like funky designs I get french, or pink french pink like a limousine or a sugar daddy with a white line over. Also try a dark color like wicked or a beautiful red like scarlet ohara.
  5. Mine are just like yours strawberry, but way shorter. Have you thought about going shorter to change things up? Mine are just barely over the tip of my fingers, I love them this length. But I cannot give up my traditional's just too perfect for me personally.
  6. Recently I saw someone with a french style manicure, but they a gold tips and a light silver on the rest of the nail. It looked so cool and crazy, but also really good for the holidays!
  7. :nuts: look fab