Post pics of your inexpensive bags!!

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  1. I know we've all got a couple of cheap bags stashed away, and they deserve the same love you give your pricey bags!! :love:

    I've posted a few of mine and how much I paid! :nuts:

    Grey Guess: $25.00
    Gold Guess: $25.00
    Black Kangol Satchel: $10.00
    Blue Loop Clutch: $7.00
    White Clutch: $30.00
  2. & a clutch that used to be my mothers.
  3. Cute!! :smile:
  4. Sorry, I sent all my old bags to a nice retirement home, called my 20 year old niece. I know she'll be kind and gentle with them.
  5. I have plenty of those! I'll post pics later.
  6. i'm too lazy to take pics right now of the few i have left but i gave a good amount of them to the salvation army after my 3 younger cousins grabbed what they wanted..

    a couple of the bags i did keep include bags from these brands: esprit, paul frank, guess, and i might've kept a polo one also but these are the ones i recall off the top of my head right now.
  7. I have a couple, but my camera batteries are dead.
    this thread provoked me to order 4 nimh batteries and a recharger.
  8. this is a fun thread! i'm going to take photos later. I have a Loop NYCbag that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE compliments me on. It's the weirdest thing, I told my husband and he didn't believe me. Then, a few times we were out, he witnessed it!! Weird! I'll post some pics later.

    Yesterday I had was carrying an orange bag from Marshall's that cost $16.99 and a women I work with swore that she knew the "French designer" that made the purse!! HA!
  9. The first black one (double buckles) is actually from WalMart or Target..pleather. The second black one is a Liz Claiborne. I love it- has a beige suede interior with lots of pockets. The purple bag is an Ameribag, good for travel with small kiddo. And the teal one is from JcPenney. I also have it in red, black, & brown. It's really soft leather & is very lightweight.

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  10. I adore the black bag hanging from your door!!!
  11. LoL, that's hilarious!!! What did you tell her?
  12. That's the Liz Claiborne one hanging from the door. I really love it too.
  13. The Loop everyone loves

    I have this Loop in green that I love, love love!
  14. Zoomom, I love the Liz Claiborne!! I have wallet of hers and I really like it!