Post Pics of your Glass Slippers w/ Outfits!

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  1. Since many of us here have an obsession with shoes, we often tend to build our outfits around our heels... So, lets have fun and post them!

    Also, we often times find ourselves on the fence with purchasing certain shoes, because we don't know how we could make them work with our wardrobe, so hopefully these photos will give us some new ideas..

    Please post the Designer & Style of your shoes!

    I've only got one for now:
    (CL Black Patent VP w/ red tip)
  2. H&M black v-neck bell sleeved sweater;
    Trina Turk cropped slacks; and
    CL Leopard Ponyhair Helmuts.

    *I wore this outfit to observe Children's Court last spring for Juvenile Law.*
  3. Express white puff short sleeved button down;
    Laundry by Shelli Segal grey cropped jumper;
    Chanel lambskin Timeless clutch; and
    CL White mesh Mlle. Marchand slingbacks.

    *Happy Hour w/ SO*
  4. H&M black v-neck sweater;
    Express army green mini;
    CL black suede Very Prive pumps;
    black Chanel Cambon Ligne pochette.

    *night out on our Orlando vacation*
  5. Black RL cashmere turtleneck sweater;
    Buffalo cropped jeans;
    YSL Snow Leopard Muse; and
    CL black suede Very Prives.

    *Grocery shopping w/ SO on a Friday nite*
  6. legaldiva - you have such FAB legs!....just the perfect legs to go with CL's (especially the Very Prive's). I'm incredibly jealous!
  7. Thanks foxy!! All old pics ...
  8. Love the outfits ladies! I'll try to post some later.
  9. Love 'em all! legaldiva- CL's to court- niiiice! I'm a lawyer, too (just finished law school), and it's unfortunate how dismal female attorney's outfits can get. It's nice to see someone else out there in the profession who wants to look nice! :tup:
  10. Love the photos! We need more!

    legaldiva, In regards to your first pic, I do this a lot, too... wearing all black or all white and letting my heel do all the talking :p

    This is the main reason why I love loud & "impractical" looking heels, because I tend to dress monochromatically.
  11. Nicole Miller dress, Manolo Blahnik shoes (forgot model), Dooney & Bourke leather bag, and Brooks Brothers glasses. :smile:

    The baby girl is my niece!
  12. I love the colour of the dress blackbird! and ofcourse shoes look fab also ...
  13. Macy's blouse
    J Crew skirt
    LV speedy 30
    CL yoyo raffia slingback
  14. Butterfly - I love your dress. May I ask where you got it?
  15. ^^Thanks! Yeah, I was going to edit my post and provide "dress information", but there's no edit button?

    Anyhow, it's a 'Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent' Silk Geo print dress.