Post pics of your Givenchy INFINITY bags here!!

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  1. Figured I'd start the infinity thread as it looks like the collecton will be around for at least another season. The collection seems to still be under the radar, but there are some nice options available.

    My Saks SA first introduced me to this collection when they were available for preview before the collection was released. I was intrigued, as I love hobos, etc....but wasn't sure if the heavy chain detail was my thing.

    Of course once sale season struck, my interest increased again. It took several tries before I found the right styles, sizes and colors that worked for me.
    These are the small hobos in cognac and night blue and the larger size of the saddle bags in oxblood and black.. All were about 60% off on average....particularly great for the black saddle as it wasn't marked down at most places.

    Great styles for ladies with boho glam/chic leanings. All smooth calf leather, so less carefree than goat, etc....but it gives them a sort of earthy-luxe feel.

    There are a few other styles available in this collection, but only these fit my aesthetic.

    Hopefully others will find the collection to their liking and add more pics to this thread.
  2. Thinking of picking up the smaller saddle option (mini?) is that your oxblood one? How do you like that so far?
  3. Both the oxblood and black saddle bags are the larger of the two sizes ( pics from Fwrd for further size reference)
    GIVE-WY524_V5.jpg GIVE-WY524_V4.jpg
    Love them! I didn't realize until I actually started using them how much they could fit. There's three compartments inside the flap that expand (plus an additional slit pocket in the middle compartment) that are great for organizing your stuff.

    Also very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or crossbody.

    The mini size is a bit smaller and has less compartments from my recollection when I viewed it briefly at Barneys.
  4. Hello, I just received the Small Infinity Hobo in Black color. I really like the style and that it is a's been a really long time since I have carried one, I have been looking for an everyday go to bag that is casual and still have a chic look to it, I figured I would try this out. I don't know if it will be too heavy due to the chain but it really does look very cool. How have you been liking yours? Is it comfortable and do you find that you reach for it often? By the way, I LOVE both the colors you chose.
  5. Thanks....glad you found one you like. For whatever reason, I don't think these are as popular as some of G's other styles, but I just love their sophisticated boho look that comes from the drape, chain detail and quality of the leather they used. I tend to carry mine by hand (as opposed to on the shoulder like my other hobo bags) and seem to have reserved my navy one for the cooler months, but the cognac one I've been using in all seasons. As, these are just a few of my many bag options, I generally pick amongst them based upon the feel and look of the outfit I'm wearing and the amount of stuff I'm carrying.

    Hope you enjoy yours!
  6. Thank you for sharing. I will start wearing my this week. I agree that it doesn’t seem to be as popular as other G bags. But that can be fun for me because it’s something different. I look forward to the draping once I place my items in it. I like that I can carry it by hand and in a pinch throw it on my shoulder. Thanks for your informative review. Enjoy those beautiful bags.
  7. I just got the small black infinity hobo from Barney’s online and my chains seem to shake. I thought the chains would either be sewn on or glued. Are they suppose to be loose?
  8. The chain should be secured to the leather handle in the middle (and of course to the Givenchy plates at the base of both sides of the handle)

  9. So the chains are secured in the middle and at the base just the chains jangle on the sides. Should I return the bag?
  10. Wow your infinity collection is gorgeous! Love the burgundy saddle!!! Could u kindly please do a review on the saddle bag? I do want to get a mini and I’m not sure if the chains on the bag adds weight to it? Thank you
  11. The chains don't really have any noticeable effect IMO other than the adornment factor (as intended). But, I recently purchased a mini and ended up returning it as I prefer the Chloe mini marcie saddle in that size (also the Givenchy mini I purchased had the gold hardware which I don't like due to its tarnished/aged look).

    The larger Givenchy infinity saddle is just much better overall (value, functionality, etc) than its mini version IMO (also superior to the medium Chloe marcie saddle which I also recently bought and returned due to dislike, LOL).

    ...could just be a matter of personal preference
  12. Thank you so much for your opinion - Super helpful btw! I’ll try to keep my eyes peeled for deals on the larger infinity saddle!

    Yes I do have the Chloe Marcie in medium, is the size comparable to the larger infinity saddle? Lol
  13. Hi ladies, anyone who owns an Infinity bucket bag? I’d like to know if you find it heavy to carry. Much as I love the chain detail, they don’t look lightweight