Post pics of your Givenchy Antigona .. Everything about Antigona !

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  1. Thank you!!
  2. OMG guys. So I was on a hunt for a new timeless bag. Something that will be structured and keeps its shape over the years, lots of room and conservative in its design for the office.
    Of course I had narrowed it down to a Givenchy Small Calfskin or a Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour Calfskin. :heart: And after seeing everyone's gorgeous bag in action and positive comments on its excellent craftsmanship and design - I'm totally sold! Woo my first Givenchy purchase should arrive this week and I'm so excited.
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  3. Congratulations! :yahoo: Would love to see pics when it arrives.
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  4. Most definitely! :yes: I'm concerned I might get addicted though. HAHAHA!
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  5. #3215 Mar 16, 2020
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    She's here and she's beautiful! :love:
    First I ordered the calfskin, it arrived all scratched (perhaps it was due to the way it was packed?) But I was not sure if they gave me a display piece either(there was no blue adhesive on the metal pieces) and felt the leather was so easily scratched I went instore to exchange it right away.
    I ended up opting for the durable pebble goat leather. And the staff was so amazing totally apologetic and now I got a beautiful brand new little black work bag! It's so roomy and the handles and strap are so comfortable!
    There's plenty of room for a small umbrella, mini pochette, kirigami wallet, my bamboo cutleries, LV pm agenda, small notebook, mobile and more.
    I'm obsessed!
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  6. Beautiful! :loveeyes: Congratulations! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats on adding this beauty to your collection! :tup: The Antigona is a great bag, classic and chic.
    Pebbled goat leather is amazing, and you totally shouldn't have settled for a scratched bag.
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  8. Love hearing happy CS stories with a beautiful classic bag ending.
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