Post pics of your Givenchy Antigona .. Everything about Antigona !

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  1. Hello. Yesdescribed as medium pink at Neimans
  2. Hi! Considering this color but in a mini. Do you mind posting pics of your small or your daughter's mini? :smile:
  3. My first Givenchy, I'm so excited to use it. Navy blue medium size. 20190209_095457.jpg
  4. Love seeing the med on here. Its underrated given the smaller bag trend but it's such a great bag. I love all 3 of mine to pieces.
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  5. Thank you, I was originally going to get the small but decided to go with the medium.
  6. I love my medium Antigona! It's in sooth leather. I find it incredibly sturdy, and i really like the wide strap. I reviewed it on my youtube channel.

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  7. IMG_3390.jpg
    Just received my new-to-me black antigona in the size small! Got it for a STEAL- $1350!! Great addition to my handbag collection.
  8. IMG_0002.JPG This mini Antigona calfskin caught my eye. It was my first Givenchy. It’s called “piercing” and I thought it looked really sharp, not to mention holds my life.

    Unfortunately I’ll be parting ways with her soon. Had kids so you know... need a bag with more space.
  9. IMG_0002.JPG
    This is my other Antigona. So beautiful and practical!
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