Post pics of your Givenchy Antigona .. Everything about Antigona !

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  1. If you're asking, then you're not 100% in love. I'd return even if it's a great deal bc it's not making your heart sing.
  2. True, It is a nice size bag - would be my first Givenchy(my daughter has the same color in the mini and loves it ) I was thinking more of the color-if I would get a lot of use with it- I was thinking not as a everyday- more for dinner spring/summer
  3. If your lifestyle allows for non public transportation, changing out your bags often, and little chance of color transfer from jeans, then I'd go for it. Consider a twilly to maintain clean handles as light colored bags are always high maintenance. It can be worn year round actually, if you pair it based on what you're wearing and doing.
  4. Yes exactly what I was thinking and thats the reason I keep holding on to it- My everyday bags are usually Chanel or Goyard so I would only use it for a pop of color at dinner or going out to the the city (I guess I answered my question lol) Twilly is an excellent idea- Thank You very much for your suggestions :smile:
  5. Small is such an elegant size, esp for lunch and shopping. Sounds like it'd be a great addition to your wardrobe.
  6. [​IMG]

    I just love this bag so much. I want the smooth leather as well is that crazy lol
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  7. For those that have the mini size, are you able to carry it in the crook of your arm comfortably? I purchased two recently, but the top handles of one seem to be a bit shorter/narrower. I can just barely fit the top handles on my forearm up to my elbow! The other one fits okay; not super tight but not comfortably loose either. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if I just have larger forearms and it's normal bag variation haha - thanks all!
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    I purchased two minis recently. One fits okay in the crook of my arm in the elbow, but without any room between the top handle and the zipper to spare. The other is so tight I have to squeeze it slightly to get it to reach close enough to my elbow! So unless that one is a faulty bag or I have larger forearms (I am 5'4", 130 lbs) or I am too picky (the last one is probably the most likely answer haha), then there seems to be some noticeable variation between bags. You can most definitely fit them on your wrist comfortably though!

    When I wear it crossbody, the bottom of the bag hits right around the top of my hipbone. At my height, wearing it over one shoulder, it's a bit too long for my taste.
  9. Nope, I have one shiny & one sugar, both in black, but diff sizes. They're great bags.
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  10. I dont use my mini on arm ever, bc it's better designed to be carried crossbody or hand held. I would think it'd take a few more mins to fit my arm thru. The small is better for arm held.
  11. True! The mini is so lovely handheld. On my arm it sticks out at a slight but sort of odd angle, but maybe that will change as the handles/leather get a bit more malleable.
  12. Ended up keeping it, Most of my bags are Black and I finally convinced myself that I can get a lot of use with it - Was even thinking of taking my daughters strap off her mini and putting it on the small- lol
  13. Got my first Givenchy bag for Christmas! :biggrin: Loving the stud details on the bag :heart::heart::heart:
  14. My Birthday Bag :smile:
    Color: Heather Grey / Small Size


  15. Hello! It’s Kate Spade