Post pics of your Givenchy Antigona .. Everything about Antigona !

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  1. I’m trying to decide on an aubergine or oxblood Antigona. Can someone compare these two shades for me? Stock photos of the bag vary wildly and the shades look very similar. I know aubergine would generally be more purple. Thanks for your help!
  2. It's called Fig Pink, you can still find it on Farfetch for 30%!
  3. My first Givenchy!
  4. Is your the fig pink too? It looks gorgeous!
  5. Thanks! I got the mini in the fig pink; however, my bag looks much darker than yours in pictures. Mine is a burgundy red color and I am still debating if I should keep the fig pink or the fuchsia pink color. The fig pink is so dark.
  6. Hello all! I’ve been looking at getting the Mini Antigona as a college graduation present to myself. But due to living in a rural state, I really don’t have to the opportunity to see one up close in person very often. My main question about this bag is the handle drop. Is it wide enough for you ladies to wear it in the crook of your arm or at least your wrist? And is the crossbody strap at a good spot on your hip and does the strap have many length adjustment options?
    Thanks, Christy
  7. Gorgeous and love the charm!
  8. Looks beautiful!! I love it in this color, due to its structured shape it looks and in this color it looks like a diamond.
    I just got my first Givenchy and I got it in shiny black, completely different look. I was looking for a work bag, but yours is so cool for going out!
  9. I haven't sold it yet. Waiting for the right time/price.
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  10. I purchased the Heather Gray color sight unseen. It's not very gray at all; it's more of a dark, dirt brown. And it's so dark that it almost looks flat black matte irl. The wallet next to it is a true gray. Middle is w/o flash.
    01b15246f60a29d315c0dc44b7a7136edb9ecccefb.jpg 01c044822d0cd18e315b60df5e9693810c2d95b0a0.jpg 017979a503a955116c33fff23dada6e55b7808efa0.jpg
  11. Thanks for providing your thoughts on the color! I'm considering the medium size; do you like the heather grey, now that you find it more brown than expected?
  12. I absolutely HATED everything about that color so much that I returned it. It was a greyish-brown at best. There’s nothing wrong with the color except that the “heather gray” name was not at all apropos for that color irl and not at all what I know heather gray to be. Like “chocolate brown, hot toddy, dark chocolate, hot chocolate” would be my first choice names for that color. I bought a white patent mini antigona instead. Will post pics next week when it’s here.
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  13. Love your furry charm, mind sharing the brand or where did you get it?
  14. Such a cute bag. Congratulations on your purchase
  15. Happy New Year!!
    Dilemma: Was able to grab the small Antigona in Off White color day after xmas sale at Saks for $800- Not my preferred color- what is everyones thought on it should I keep it for that price?, Is the Off White a color that will be hard to carry- Any suggestions greatly appreciated.