Post pics of your Furla bags, please!

  1. If you have an Furla, can you post pics? I was thinking about getting a Furla, and I wanted to know what the leather looks like and what they look like on. Thanks!
  2. here are mine: the black one is the my first designer bag, I bought it 5 years ago and still looks like new; the white one is my BF's favourite one (he spotted it and wanted me to buy it, I got many compliments from men for this bag, they must like it!)
    black furla1.jpg furla white3.jpg furla white4.jpg
  3. I don't own any Furla, but I will someday. I think they are really great looking and good leather for the money. The name isn't as chic as all the big designers, but it really is a hugely chic and well respected company. For women who have good taste and great style, and don't need the big name. Also, they aren't heavy!
  4. I have this in black. Pic is courtesy of Zappos. I love this bag. I've had it for more than a year, use it at least 2/3 times a week for work, put my laptop in there with all my other crap and it's holding up fabulously. Still looks brand new. Also, so easy to clean and rain, snow, etc doesn't touch it.
  5. I bought a Furla Yolande in Viola and returned it. The leather was described as "polished calfskin" a very fancy name for what I thought was patent leather. I received it and was shocked by how awful it looked. Like cheap plastic. I returned it immediately. Here is a picture of it.
    Furla bag.jpg
  6. :wtf:That is a GORGEOUS bag! what's the name of the style? TIA!
  7. Janinnevs -- what a gorgeous bag! Please give me the name of it! You really scored with that one. I want one!!! Tres elegant! How much was it?
  8. I have a Furla Farrah

    The quality is pretty good on these bags, IMO
  9. Luna, your bag is gorgeous too... Maybe my days of super expensive bags are over. I am really liking these Furla bags. They will satisfy me and free my budget for other items...
  10. The name of the bag is Yolande, I bought it on Zappos and I think I paid around $300-400 on sale. They are still on Zappos and Bloomies also had it online a while ago. Good luck, hope you guys find a great deal, as I said I love this bag.
  11. I got two bags, Carrie and Farrah, from Costco's sale and returned them. Looked cheap even for $50 and $100.