Post pics of your fendi forever collection in action!

  1. So, we've heard a lot of mixed views about the fendi forever collection.

    I'm one of the people who love it! So would you fendi-forever lovers be willing to share your pics with you carrying your fendi-forever bag(s)??

    I've seen many threads about the patent crossword clutch (and i'm pretty sure thats part of the f-f collection (???)) so i'm hoping i won't be the only one sharing my pics :smile:

    With my f-f cutie:

  2. Great bag, and I love love your dress!!
  3. The bag is just perfect i'm obsessed with mine! IT's my fav out of all my bags.

    And thank you.
  4. OMG! :nuts: I almost bought the EXACT same dress last week! Lol... Almost got it in black but I changed my mind at the last minute and I am still contemplating. Doesn't help that I have a discount voucher for it...

    Great to finally see modeling pics, you look great and the bag looks great on you! :tup:
  5. It does look great!!! How tall are you??
  6. Yay I love pics! Love the dress and the bag definitely looks better on you than in the stock pics. The colors go well when carried:tup:. Kav you should get the dress in black too.
  7. thanks guys :yahoo::yahoo:

    omg that dress was such a last minute buy, i needed a dress to wear out and i couldn't find anything that would match my bag so i just grabbed that last minute.

    Btw kav, the dress is a PAIN in the ass. It's kind of a bubble dress so it's got an inwards elastic that keeps falling all the way down, especially on bare skin, so i had to wear tiny shorts underneath to hold it up, lol.

    Oh and i am 5'3" .. shortie
  8. I'm 5'3 too! Well almost 5' you look taller! My thighs make me look short:push::rolleyes:

  9. I look pretty short without heels, it's probably just the angle the pics are taken at! haha :wlae:

    I'm still waiting for more people to post pics :sad:
  10. Actually I didn't buy it for that very reason. It just didn't look right on it. It was too short. Looked like I was wearing a top that I was trying to wear like a dress. (I'm 5'6''.)

    You pull it off though. :tup: