Post Pics of Your Entire Rebecca Minkoff Collection!

  1. Hi Eehlers,
    do you mind my asking if you know the name of the shade for the grey mac and orange mac you have in your collection? Love the whole collection but am craving to add a gray and orange to my collection. Thanks!
  2. Sure! The gray one is called Warm Gray and I got it from a Gilt sale earlier this year. The orange mini MAC I got at Nordstrom last summer and it was simply called Orange (also came without any tassels).
  3. Finally got a chance to start up my own collection thread and in the process took pics of all my RM's- yay! There are 3 MAB's out on loan right now, but other than that it's a pretty good shot of my current collection:smile:
    MAB Group 2.jpg MAB Group Shot 6.jpg MAB's Group 1.jpg MAB's Group 3.jpg MAB's Group 5.jpg MAC's Group Shot 1.jpg Large Affair and Forever Clutch Group.jpg RM Group Shot 1.jpg
  4. Lovely pieces AJ! Your MAB collection is amazing & DT ZIP MAB is truly your crown jewel!
  5. Thanks, Travelers! Once I get a real camera and bring my loaned-out MAB's back into the fold, I'll do another photo shoot and post it! :biggrin:
  6. Great fam pic AJ!! You have a great RM collection!
  7. Beautiful collection AJ! You have a DT zip MAB?!?! I did not even know that they have made MABs in that color! wow....
    I really like your yellow ostrich MAC too!
  8. Thanks, JennyErin :hugs:
  9. Thanks, blackcat! I actually don't think I've seen another DT Zip MAB for sale (though the mini version has popped up a couple of times this year, I believe)- this one I got on Bonz about 18 months ago, from another RM lover who just hadn't carried it enough. It was probably the best score of my whole collection, price, rarity, and fit with my wardrobe considered. I'm really fond of the yellow ostrich MAC, too- it was my first MAC and I've gotten a surprising amount of use out of it! :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous collection AJ!! :smile:
  11. AJ -- beautiful collection! And I agree with everyone else, that DT zip MAB is just lovely!
  12. Thank you!:smile:
  13. wow! what a beautiful collection. love the various textures & colors!
  14. Nice collection! Does your BBW have a purple or blue zipper?