Post Pics of Your Entire Rebecca Minkoff Collection!

  1. evergreen, i'm selling her though, so that i can get a saddle matinee!
  2. Ahh, thanks! If only I had the extra funds for another bag!
  3. One and only. MAM expresso

  4. :weird:Here's my tiny Rebecca Minkoff collection.:weird:
  5. TINY!!!!??? yeah right!

    What is the red colored MA at the top? and that Bluish matinee?

    Your collection is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your collection makes mine tiny!:p It's like the boys locker room, but with handbags and not wangs. Am I allowed to say that in here? I mean, I feel like I can say wang to you, Gung, but didn't know if people were against the wang around here. I also said dongs instead and perhaps that was a better word as it makes me laugh more than wang. Um, yes, I am quite off topic. The redish looking one is the fuchsia/gold bottom bag! I just got it yesterday, but my batteries died after the family picture. I'm going to have to get more batteries! The blue is the cobalt matinee. I needz yellow and green! But a bright green!
  7. TINY whatever.. Congrat's beautiful colors.
  8. Thank you. Everytime I read posts by you I put Pam Andersons voice to it. hehehe.
  9. ^^ I hope thats a good thing :smile:

  10. I prefer peener myself.

    Wait...that came out wrong....

  11. Ha! Thats not tiny! I love all the bags... tomato's my fave!
  12. BUMP^ Cuz I love looking at this thread!
  13. ^^Gung post an updated pic of the WHOLE collection with the new season bags!
  14. My one and only.
    DSCN0987.JPG DSCN0992.JPG