Post Pics of Your Entire Rebecca Minkoff Collection!

  1. The matinee is my fave! I love the smooshy leather, the many pockets, and the luxe suede. It makes for a very pleasant and easy to use everyday bag, KWIM?

    YAY! Isnt it beautiful!? I hope you get one!

    Awww, thanks! I would love see your bag collection, particularly the MJs and RMs!

    Atta' girl! Keep on truckin!:yes:
  2. ^^^ I am a HORRIBLE photographer; I really don't do them justice like some of you girls do. But once I get my new camera I'll give it a try :rolleyes:
  3. ^OH please! If you are a horrible photographer, than I dont even want to think what I am! LOL

    All I do is point, shoot, and hope for the best! LOL
  4. Well, you do a great job! Your bags always look fabulous! :drool:
  5. Aww, why thank you!

    Yes...all the time:roflmfao:

    No not really but sometimes I will put out of my faves on the table next o my bed just so when I wake up, I can see all of its beauty and splendor!:wtf::yes:
  6. Oh, wow, that MAM green is a beaut!! I MUST HAVE ONE!!! But I'm confused on the green colors- what is the difference between Evergreen and Emerald?? Gung, which one is yours? BTW, your collection makes we want to weep with envy!! Maybe that's why I'm so partial to the green!
  7. Such gorgeous RM bags in the thread!

    Here are my three MABs. My pictures aren't artful or nicely arranged, as they were taken for my sister, so she could see the colors and leather quality, as well as to compare the silver hardware to the gold hardware in each photo, and show the handle lengths (which vary somewhat). Both photos have the same grey bag in it. I will take much better photos when my husband's digital camera comes back from Fuji -- it's currently "in the shop" as we kept getting an error message every time we tried to use it.
    Tomato Grey MAB.jpg Green Grey MAB b.jpg
  8. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Those colors are gorgeous! I love how they look side by side like that! Thank you so much for posting!

    So, there is a Dark Gray, an Emerald, and is that a Tomato? Are they MA's or MAM's?
  9. Hi Gung,

    I'm a little dense today. I didn't post the color and sizes, and the post won't let me edit it.

    All three are MABs -- the colors are Dark Grey, Tomato, and Green.

  10. beautiful colors! i especially love that green! :drool:
  11. This question is for Gung (and also to those that bought same bag in different color).

    How do you guys do it? i find it hard to have the same style of clothing (or bag in this case) in my closet. I am tempted to buy another matinée...but I keep telling myself there are so many nice bags out there, why get the same one again. How do you do it? I is probably a stupid question, but I have been wondering ever since I saw all your MAB in this thread.
  12. Well, its easy for me to buy multiples of the MA/MAM's because I feel they are essentially the perfect bags. They are classic in their design, luxe in their materials, wearable with so many different outfits (dressy or casual) and they come in the most eye-popping gorgeous colors ever. I have decided the MA and the MAM are th perfect bags for me, and as a result, I pretty much got rid of everything else (excluding MJ and a few others). I buy them, because they simply work the best for me, KWIM?
  13. HitchcockBlonde, I love that stonewash blue MA!
  14. ok, not much of a collection, but here are my three RM babies :love:
    100_0942 (2).jpg 100_0943 (2).jpg
  15. I love them! What is the greenish one - emerald or evergreen? It is gorgeous!