Post Pics of Your Entire Rebecca Minkoff Collection!

  1. Hi ladies! I thought this might be a good idea so that we can post pics in one place, of our Rebecca Minkoff bags and accessories in one collective picture, as opposed to posting your Matinee's in one thread, your MS's in another, and your accessories in another thread.

    Blow me away with your beautiful pictures!:yahoo::yes::heart:
  2. good idea! i'm charging my camera now, will post pics this weekend!
  3. Brilliant idea where are yours?! I'm dying to see...I'm guessing your closet is like an RM museum!!:nuts:
  4. I second that! I want to see your collection. :yes:
  5. Ha ha....don't tease us like that, GUNG. Open a thread about posting your collection....and then not posting your collection.


    I realized I've already posted my whole collection...I only have a measly 3!

  6. Mockinglee....that collection looks VERY Glam!!!

    I can see that exact PIC of yours in a magazine!!!!

    Measly a$$!!!

    Shoot me, but what color is that clutch again????? It's GORGEOUS.
  7. ^^^ BEAUTIFUL! I love how you photographed your bags!!!
  8. Thanks gals! Contessa, the No Strings clutch is a beautiful, rich eggplant and Date Clutch is silver.
  9. I love the group shot mockinglee. :smile: The silver date clutch is so shiney, I love it.
  10. Beautiful, Mockinglee -- all three. And, such a great photo too -- perfect, professional product arrangement. I love the clutch. Is the Matinee grey or the blue? It's striking in the photograph. I have only *gasp* three RM bags too (all MABs). I said something to this effect to my husband, who remarked (albeit sweetly), "Three? Why would anyone need three of the same bag?" When I told him he just doesn't understand, he said, "And honey, I never will, but it's really okay". This is from a very sweet man with seven watches, countless electronic gadgets and two boats, so I think he does get it, in his own way and would never begrudge me my handbag passion.
  11. Wine Get Away Tote / Emerald Morning After Bag / Glazed Espresso Matinee


    Seriously thinking about a Sage MA... :biggrin:
  12. ^^ Loving the Wine Get Away!! Does it fit on your shoulder by chance??
  13. Can't wait to see more collections!!! I have a growing one, but am expecting a new bag soon from RM then will post :tup:
  14. Sigh...:love:they are all so beautiful!!! My MAM in pewter and midnight is on it's way and that will be the start of my collection, however I will probably wait a few months till I have a chance to slowly grow my collection before posting pics. I'm so jealous of all your gorgeous bags. My next purchase will be the dark grey matinee which I am currently stalking!
  15. Hi sep, if you mean do the rounded handles fit my shoulder, yes they do, though the clearance is less than the MAB or the Matinee. So it's not a tight fit, but it's pretty close! The long strap also clips to two different points (levels?) of the bag, so you can wear it on your shoulder or cross-body. Hope that helps! :smile: