*Post pics of your enamel bracelet*

  1. :love: I want to get an enamel bracelet, but not sure what style there are... :shrugs:
    For those of you who own enamel bracelets, could you post a pic please?

    Thanks everyone :heart:
  2. I would love to see everyone´s bracelet´s too!
  3. this is blurry, sorry, I'll try again later

    some enamels.jpg
  4. :wtf: Holy.................!!!!!!!!!!! Can I come play in your bangles??????
  5. anytime, shopmom!
  6. Wow...that's a gorgeous collection.
  7. :wtf:
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Wow, Katel, you have a very impressive collection!
  10. Thanks, all. I don't have any leather or horn or etc ones yet, so I'm looking forward to owning those as well.

    Here's a clearer picture that includes the GMs, too.

    enamels 2.jpg
  11. :drool: :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool: :heart:
  12. Wow, Katel! Are you like an octopus that has so many arms she needs all those bracelets???? :winkiss: That's certainly a wondeful collection of bangles. I don't think I need to post any pictures of the few I have--I think you have one of each shown in your collection. Stunning!!!! :drool:
  13. This picture could be used as an advertisement for their enamel bracelets!
  14. This bracelet is adorable :love:
  15. OMG, Katel, that's one nice collections of H bracelet ! :heart: :heart: