Post pics of your craft rooms or hobby spaces!

  1. Frankie I love those units from Ikea! I'm thinking about getting them as well and adding the desk in the center for easy workspace.
  2. I saw that desk, was thinking of it but am getting a new sewing machine with a built-in table that fits around it, so won't need it now. Plus it'd make things a bit tight and wouldn't be so useful since I've made the cabinets display rather than work oriented. If you had all your crafty things to hand though in those cubes it'd be perfect. :girlsigh:

    I love their look, and got them for $80 each, super happy as you can't tell the mongy bits! :lol:
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking!! I figure the desk in the middle and to my left or right side I can grab whatever I needed. Plus the desk is a fairly large size so I can spread everything other. It'll be doing more than one job with crafting/sewing/workspace/extra storage space from stuff overflowing from my closet :amuse:

    I think I'll have to invest in the extra large one with 5X5 cubbies. $80 is a great price! I love IKEA!
  4. I am SO jealous of all of your spaces! I only have a black desk from Ikea in the corner of our bedroom for space right now but DH and I are hoping to buy a bigger house in the next 3-5 years and one of the rooms will be a scrapbook room! YAY! :yahoo:
  5. Frankie~ your space is wonderful!!!

    I have an updated shot of my scrapbook room as It really wasn't quite it is ALL me...LOL!
    Scarproom June2010 009.jpg Scarproom June2010 007.jpg Scarproom June2010 008.jpg Scarproom June2010 005.jpg Scarproom June2010 006.jpg
  6. ^ I really really love the color scheme! Is it more like tiffany blue or green-ish?
    and it looks so neat
  7. I would love to know the brand and paint color you used in your art studio. It reminds me of Tiffany's!

  8. This is like my dream craft room :smile: My fiance said I can have one of the extra bedrooms in our new place to use as big closet, but I've really gotten into crafts and want on. He said I can do whatever I want as long as he gets the garage all to himself...Fine by me!!! I can't wait to move it.

    I also love that owl wall decal, is it from etsy? I've seen them everywhere
  9. That's it! When I finally get to paint my craft room I'm going to make it Tiffany Blue! What an inspiration your room is Ghost. I'm thinking though I need to finish this major declutter before I do anything to the room.
  10. Loving everyones space..... The colors are great!!!!
  11. This was my creative space a year ago right after the new floor and paint. It's a lot messier now. Our handyman put in the rubber stamp shelves 15 years ago.
    Upstairs Study.JPG Upstairs Study1.JPG
  12. the rubber stamp shelves are an awesome idea!!
  13. here's my craft area before and after photos.
    the 'before' is actually better than it was... we had to completely replace the floor and the entire support system because there were beams that were broken. so this actually shows the new floor before we finished it.


    my after photo - right after i got it all set up - its MUCH messier now lol
    new floors... new paint... ikea furniture.. i love it! i don't actually work out there much (no heat in the winter and no a/c in the summer) but it's great for holding all of my crap lol

  14. ^what a great room to create in!