Post pics of your craft rooms or hobby spaces!

  1. I accidentally posted a new thread about craft spaces and then found this thread!

    I'm endlessly fascinated with looking at other crafters' spaces for ideas, whether it be a secluded nook, at the kitchen table, or an entire room devoted to creativity.

    Having a dedicated crafting spot is the one project I've been unable to complete in my life -- my own crafting supplies are all over the house, on the floor, in boxes, etc. I have a guest room with two chrome shelving units but nowhere to work -- the guest bed takes up half the room! :rolleyes:

    I am looking forward to being inspired by what you all do with your spaces. [​IMG]
  2. SpoilMeRotten, your craft space is TDF! I am seriously drooling over your supplies :happydance: :ps:

    SweetNeet I was oogling your craft space too in the pics you had of your purse room.:heart:
  3. You're safe in my book! No way I'll post my work area... when a desk or table gets filled, I usually just find the next open space. ;)
  4. wow!! SpoilMeRotten and SweetNest, your working space is wonderful!!!
  5. Your work spaces are really really nice! I don't have an official work space yet, but promise to come back with pictures after we close on the house we are looking at!
  6. Bump...I hope to add pics tomorrow =)
  7. Here's the sewing nook in my kitchen. I also use a spare bedroom for my cutting table, clam shell press and fabric stash.

  8. Wow, you sound and look like a pro!
  9. I am so envious of everyone that has a dedicated and well organized craft space. I hope to have one some day.
  10. Okay, A) I adoreeeeeeeeeeee the yellow/black/white combo - it's LOVELY and B) I had no idea one person would ever own three (or more!?) sewing machines lol!
  11. nancy please adopt me!!!! I have machine envy:love:
    I will post pic's of my sewing room after I've cleaned it LOL
  12. Here is my scrapbook room. I am awaiting chinese lanterns in Turquoise, Lime green and lavender to adorn the ceiling. Here it is pre-lanterns.
    Scrapbook room 2010-1 005.jpg Scrapbook room 2010-1 009.jpg Scrapbook room 2010-1 008.jpg Scrapbook room 2010-1 007.jpg Scrapbook room 2010-1 006.jpg
  13. a few more~
    Scrapbook room 2010-1 003.jpg Scrapbook room 2010-1 004.jpg
  14. ^^ Love it! Everyone's spaces are amazing! My space is so small it stops me from starting new projects...
  15. What a lovely idea for a thread! I'll take and post some proper pics later, but you can see a bit of mine here, the shelving and a tiny bit of my fabric stash.