Post pics of your craft rooms or hobby spaces!

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  1. I'm so excited to see this new sub forum!!! I would love to see where everyone does their craft projects if you have a designated area (I can always use the decorating inspiration!) I will post some of my craft space shortly!
  2. this is my little craft area for scrapbooking:yahoo:I have half of the 2nd bedroom in our apt. (the other half is my boyfriends office) I can't wait until we get a house- then i will have a whole room!!!

  3. It looks so professionally merchandised! :nuts: Where did you get that carousel and what do you keep on it?
  4. thanks tygerkitty! i missed that other thread, i was just so excited to see this forum!!! i have some organization pics to post in there too!

    honey228- thanks:smile: the carousel thing on the right is Walmart- i just keep my ink pads, chalks and adhesives on it. The thing on the left is the Clip it Up and its all stickers and scrapbooking embellishments!
  5. SpoilMeRotten - WOW that looks awesome. everything looks so organized!! i love the paper organizer on the right.

    i already posted my pics in the other thread TygerKitty mentioned, but i'll repost them here is my craft area we just finished setting up. it's in a corner of our game room upstairs..the rest of the room is our gym equipment (stationary bike, elliptical), which we never use :shame: lol.

    anyway, we just finished setting it up, so i don't have much to fill all the drawers etc..but i hope to get more stuff as i get going with more projects etc

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    quasi-panoramic view
  6. omg I love it sweetneet, that's a great space! thanks for posting!!! your desk and shelves are so cute (it all matches your purse closet too!) and I love the fabric lined baskets!

    I got the paper shelves at hobby lobby, i wish i could squeeze in another one for my patterned paper!
  7. these are awesome - but the number one thing that is wrong in both pictures: they are clean and full of crafts!!!! haha.
  8. Wow, I'm jealous!! Amazing spaces! I have a fold away table that is only big enough for my sketchbook.. so I have to balance my paints/waters etc else where.. I have had many an accident! LOL
  9. Spoil...we have the same embellishments center :smile: I love your space!

    My pics are in the other thread too ;)
  10. SpoilMyRotten & sweetneet! You gals have totally inspired me :O My sewing area is constantly a total mess, I just love how organised and neat you both are!!!
  11. Ladies, I just had two craft shows back to back! Really nuts around here!
    I will post the clean rooms after the Holiday guests leave!
    Does anyone else's room get this bad?
    They say a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind, so I guess I am safe?
    Be kind!!!:nuts:
    My craft room after a show!.jpg My craft room after a show! II.jpg
  12. Ugh! I am so envious. I keep waiting for the embellishment center to be back in stock on TwoPeas!
  13. beautiful rooms spoilmerotten and sweetneet!

    we've got an extra room in our 3 bedroom house that we arent using for anything in sure i can convince my boyfriend to build some shelves so i can organize my scrapbooking materials!
  14. I should post mine, so you guys can laugh at it :lol:

    I have all my knitting stuff crammed into a GINORMOUS ziplock bag. It's like a 4ft bag; I have no idea where my mom got it. And for some reason, I keep it in the laundry room :confused1:

    I have a box of beading stuff floating around here somewhere too. It's like an actual craft box, made for beads, but that's only because my sister bought it for me. I had it all in ziplocks before that. Are you sensing a pattern here? :p