Post pics of your Christmas Loot Here!

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  1. SO... what did everyone get?

    I'm getting my first Rebecca Minkoff MA bag!! :yahoo: It'll arrive this week...! (Hubby wanted to be sure I got exactly what I wanted so my gift box had his cc in it! haha I always buy too much stuff for myself all year and he doesn't want to double's happened before!) I also got my Coach skull keyfob modeled here by my Bleecker!

    back_reference.jpg skull2.JPG
  2. CONGRATS!!! Nice bag!
  3. Ha! That's such a cute idea! Will you post modeling pics later?
  4. For Christmas, hubby had me order my Stroke Me in Wine and I was blessed with a beautiful Tiffany's bead bracelet as well! He is a dear, sweet man. No pics but when bag comes in January, I will post pics.
  5. I bought this for my self today:

  6. Received this cool Betsyville Pink Satchel today from my DH : ) What a suprise because he never buys me purses lol!!

  7. Congrats everyone! Happy Holidays!
  8. I finally caved in and read all these posts and decided on the Rebecca Minkoff MA in wine. Should be here this week! Will post pics!!! FIRST ONE AND SO EXCITED!!
  9. Voodoo you will LOVE your RM! Mine is just becoming softer and softer like wine! When I first got my RM it was stiff and I couldn't imagine the bag getting any better and was kinda disappointed, but now it is getting worn in, in a good way! I just got another RM and I'm hoping that bag wears in too because it's rather stiff! All the RM leathers are so different.

    I already had mine picked out months ago lol He helped pay for a bag. Which bag I don't remember! ^^* I think it was for a lava bag which I am still waiting on since it was custom made and also helped with another bag. All in all 350 toward some bag lol Heck I even have my bday bag already here! ^^*
  10. i finally decided to get the Marc by Marc Jacobs Mary Jane Flats that i've wanted forever! however they've run out of my true size (6.5) and i opted for the 6. i had tried the 6 on before in the local boutique and they fit, too, just a bit snug. i think they'll work when i have my stocking on, i hope!?!!

    well, it was a bargain to get them on sale for $177 instead of the orig. price of $295.

    here's a pic~

  11. My DH had me order my gift last week since he wanted to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted. I got a Coach Willis bag in black with nickel hardware...I have wanted this bag for over 10 years and I finally bought it...I love it, I really love it!

  12. I love that keyfob - where can you get it???
  13. IHeartCoach I love your LAMB clutch! I was eyeing this one at Nordstrom too, I love the way it looks (oversize, flap, etc). So hot! Congrats!!
  14. I got a mulberry gift voucher from my sister for my 'help-and-get-Graciella-a-Mulberry-Bayswater-foundation' and I bought myself a prada robot trick (wanted that one for years), a BV black woven leather and silver bracelet and a pair of black Prada boots. I feel great! Now I just have to go and get the Bayswater when my bank account has recovered.
  15. I got this gorgeous Derek Lam Hidegard for $449, original price was $1,800.