Post pics of your children here!

  1. Here's my first daughter..

    Freya Ericka... I miss her so much!!


  2. She is beautiful! Here are mine:


  3. ^ They are sooo cute!!!
  4. Awww! Your children are so cute! I don't have any yet to share. One day!

    Why do you miss your daughter iqaganda? You don't get to see her?
  5. Your kids are beautiful! We have two boys but I won't be posting their pics on a public forum---that's just me:p.
  6. I don't care much for posting my kids, but here is a pic I have handy of my 2 yr old, her beautiful smile can be seen in this pic :smile:

  7. I think you made a wise decision. :heart:
  8. Your children are GORGEOUS:yahoo:
    Here is My DD @ a dance competition. She is wearing my Hermes':p
  9. all of these children are sooo gorgeous!

    good genes ;)
  10. cute kids t4 sharing
  11. I have such a cute little 18 month old, people stare whenever I take him out and I really wanna post his pic (I am a proud mommy) but DH won't let me ;-(
  12. Cute! TFS!

  13. Im sure alot of people feel uncomfortable about posting pictures of their children online but Im ok with it...I obviously wont post exactly where Im located or anything but that's just me. :yes:
  14. I think that is a very wise decision, I completely agree.